1. What changes?
  2. What do creators have to do?
  3. How Much Are Creators Taxed?
  4. What if I don't submit tax information?
  5. What if i live in the United States?

Google will soon be required to withhold taxes on YouTube revenue generated by viewers in the United States.

This change will take effect as early as June. How much taxes are withheld by YouTube creators depends on a few factors.

If you live outside of the US and have a profitable YouTube channel with a US-based audience, this applies to you.

Here is everything we know about the situation so far.

What changes?

If you're a YouTube creator outside of the US, taxes may be deducted from your US earnings later this year.


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Google says that under Chapter 3 of the US Internal Revenue Code, it is responsible for collecting tax information from all monetizing creators outside of the US.

In certain circumstances, Google must also deduct taxes if YouTube creators' revenue comes from viewers in the United States.

YouTube creators can be taxed on US revenue from ad views, YouTube Premium, Super Chat, Super Stickers, and channel memberships.

What do creators have to do?

In the next few weeks, YouTube creators outside of the US will be asked to submit their tax information to AdSense.

How to find this information:

  • Sign in to AdSense
  • Go to Payments
  • Go to Manage settings
  • Search United States Tax Information, then click Manage tax information


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From there, the creators are asked a series of questions to determine the appropriate tax form to fill out. This form is available in the AdSense language selected by the creator.

Channels working on a multichannel network (MCN) will still need to provide US tax information in the AdSense account associated with their channel. If taxes are incurred, these will be deducted from the payment made to the MCN.

Google asks YouTube creators to submit relevant tax information in AdSense from May 31, 2021.

Tax information is required so that Google can determine the correct amount of tax to be deducted, if any.

Google will start deducting taxes on US profits as early as June. Taxes are deducted with every monthly payment.

How Much Are Creators Taxed?

How much YouTube creators are taxed depends on a few things:

  • Whether your tax information has been submitted.
  • How much revenue the broadcaster generates with viewers in the USA.
  • Whether the author's country has a tax treaty with the United States.

It is possible that a YouTube creator outside the US will not be taxed by Google if none of their viewers live in the US.

How to Calculate YouTube US Earnings:

  • Go to YouTube Analytics
  • Click on Advanced mode
  • Choose a date range
  • Click on geography
  • You can add a secondary metric from a drop-down menu. Choose Your estimated sales.
  • Search United States in the list of countries under the graphic.


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There you can see how much sales are subject to US taxes.

What if I don't submit tax information?

If a creator's tax information is not provided by May 31, Google may need to apply the standard withholding tax rate of up to 24% of their total earnings worldwide.

Without providing tax information, Google must assume that the author is a US resident and collects taxes all Your earnings. Not just revenue from US viewers.

This is a situation that YouTube creators want to avoid. Therefore, it is best to submit this tax information sooner rather than later.

What if i live in the United States?

According to Google, most of the YouTube creators in the US have submitted their tax information as they are required to do so the first time they join the YouTube partnership program.


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When this change is introduced, US builders will not be withheld any additional taxes.

Please see this YouTube help article for more information.


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