In the past few days, we've seen more reports from people seeing thumbnails of Google product images with multiple ads in the mobile search results snippets. Not just a few, but in excess. Yes, Google has been showing thumbnails of product images in the snippets for years, but it seems like Google is ticking them to show more.

Mordy Oberstein shared a photo of it on Twitter about a week ago:

Last night, Martin MacDonald shared a screenshot of it showing how many product images he saw for a query:

WHAT'S UP WITH THIS SERP ??? @rustybrick?

– Martin MacDonald (@searchmartin) March 15, 2021

I believe RankRanger is tracking these occurrences and it seems that the frequency with which Google is showing these thumbnails in the search result snippets is increasing sharply (although RankRanger may be tracking these in the desktop results?):

Click for full size

Martin said on Twitter "it only triggers on the singular" watch ", not" watches "and other brands, i.e. Omega, TAG, Rolex have them too, but only one or two on the first page, not most of the results. "

In any case, don't be surprised if you see a lot more images in the snippets, especially for searches related to e-commerce.

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