An update of a developer page for structured job training data indicates that this part is not displayed as a special function in the search results as part of the job search on Google.

Removed Google Pathways page

Google's structured data page for job training is used to link to the Google Pathways page.

However, Google appears to have removed the Google Pathways program, and the link has been replaced with a link to a more general job search page.

The Google Pathways page was the explanation page for the Google Search training experience.

Screenshot of the website for missing paths (stored at

Screenshot of the Google Pathways pageScreenshot from of the Google Pathways website that is now missing

The URL of the "Paths" page now leads to the more general "Job Postings" page.


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The Pathways program should be a network of professional training programs. The professional training programs should appear in the search results as a specific professional training experience.

Pathways was officially announced in 2018.

Example of professional training in search experience

Screenshot animation of the vocational training in the search results

Above is an example of what the job training search experience should look like.


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Google job search function

With a job search function in Google Search, users can find jobs in their region. The function has filters with which job seekers can narrow down according to job title, place and date of publication.

According to Google:

"Google brings together job postings from across the web, whether they appear on small business sites or on sites with thousands of job offers. This helps job seekers find their next job easily by simply searching."

In order to participate, employers need to add structured data specific to job postings. This is a reference to the structured JobPosting data.

When you add this to a webpage, the job posting will appear in what Google calls the "job search" experience. Job search allows job seekers to search for jobs directly using Google search.

Google job training function

Another feature that could find its way to the job search user experience is job training. The idea is that job seekers can use the Google job search experience to not only find jobs, but also find opportunities for professional training.

There are two types of structured data related to job training user experience in search:

  1. Educational career program
  2. WorkBasedProgram

Vocational training opportunities could come from educational institutions or from apprenticeship programs.

One type of structured data suggested by Google is the EducationalOccupationalProgram. This can be done in the form of an associate degree in a specific trade.


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Another eligible form of structured data for the job training feature is paid for job training. This uses the structured WorkBasedProgram data.


There is a long list of requirements to benefit from a future implementation of the Job Training feature of the Google experience for job search in search.

A key requirement is to use all of the structured data required.

Certificates and courses of study must lead to jobs that do not require a bachelor's degree and teaching duration of up to two years.

Paid work programs are not subject to such time restrictions and can last longer than two years.

Understanding the Beta Job Training Features

Google's developer page (in Google Search Central) has long indicated that this new feature is currently in beta.


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However, Google recently updated the page to indicate that this feature is not showing up in Google Search. This is a big change from the previous feature availability statement.

This is how the availability of functions used to be:

"We are slowly rolling out coverage in the US to ensure a good user experience. We are developing this feature and you may see changes in requirements or guidelines. Google Search results may not show up immediately. To be a solid To ensure coverage and better service to our users, this feature is currently limited to professional training providers in the United States. "

The current declaration of availability for functions states:

“We are developing this feature and you may see changes in the requirements or guidelines. This appearance is currently not available in Google search. ”


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This is of course a big change. Google previously stated that the adoption is slow. However, it looks like Google has reversed the display of job training data in Google search.

Google hasn't fully closed the door on this program yet. The statement stated that the vocational training feature is "currently" unavailable, leaving the possibility of the feature being added to Google search at some point in the future.


Google Search Central page for job training

Google Search Central page for EducationalOrganization

Google Search Central page for WorkBasedProgram page for EducationalOccupationalProgram page for WorkBasedProgram


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