Last November, I reported that Google was testing to see if there were links in a featured snippet that would not point to the featured snippet website but to a third-party website. Well, Google continued this test and here is another example of it in action.

Brian Free Life discovered this new one and posted about it on Twitter – it's for a search query on (Meerkat Lion King 2019 vote) (I can replicate it). Here's a GIF of it in action on the phone. When you see the dotted link in the featured snippet and click on it, another snippet is overlaid:

Here is the desktop version:

Click for full size

I'm not a fan of this because it will be removed from the website where Google got the snippet that was originally featured. The content from this website will be displayed on Google's search results page and then a link will be inserted into that content to websites that the source of the featured snippet did not link to. It doesn't seem right or fair.

Forum discussion on Twitter.


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