This week has been a busy week again. Google has confirmed that the core update for December 2020 is officially complete, and guess what, it looks like our website has recovered with this update. The day after the core update was rolled out, Google appears to have released another Google algorithm update – I call it the Google 8th day update. Google has announced that it will keep the structured data testing tool, but will migrate it to instead of ditching the tool. Google has temporarily turned off another search console feature, the problem review tools. Google tests dynamically expanding search details with images and more text. Google is testing a new Top Stories multi-grid layout. Bing tests embossed snippets that come out of the page. Bing Webmaster Tools has integrated Microsoft Clarity a little. Google My Business tests the display of call history with answered and missed calls. Google Maps shows the web results in the "Local Entries" area. Google My Business added a video tagging tool for businesses. Google Ads now prohibits compensated dating or sexual activity for ads. Google's Christmas decorations are now available not only for Hanukkah, but also for Christmas and Kwanzaa. And please share how Bill Slawski has helped you on Oh, and if you'd like to sponsor these vlogs, go to That was the search news this week at the Search Engine Roundtable.

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