This week we covered more about the changes related to Google's December 2020 core update. Specifically, Google said the rollout is still ongoing and there was a second wave of the update on Thursday, December 10th. I also posted a poll asking if Google should have released the update when it did. Google said it would provide guidance and transparency about its core updates. In addition, the indexing of passages was not introduced with the core update. Google got caught retesting zero results on the desktop. Google told me it was a mistake. The Google Search Console updated their API to get new data and a lot more. Google continues to plan to add a regex option to performance reports. Google hasn't fixed the requirements indexing tool yet, but I hope it should be soon. Google mobile search now offers a shareable GIF carousel. Google is testing thinner knowledge panels. Google folks also ask shows to learn more about the section. Google search tests a question and answer carousel that combines multiple websites. Google search tests larger shopping ads. Google Guaranteed is testing a new look for its badge. Google Local reviews are now testing a "new" label. Google My Business brought back phone support. Google Ads doesn't let you search the lead form extensions for campaign types. Google announced that it would end its AdSense ad format in March 2021. Google search ensures that the search results on COVID-10 vaccines are legitimate. The holidays are here and Google has added the Santa Tracker and Chanukah decorations to its search results. Oh, and if you'd like to sponsor these vlogs, go to That was the search news this week at the Search Engine Roundtable.

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