Google's John Mueller said on a video hangout last week at 37:02 a.m. that you can see parts or portions of your website go up or down after an algorithm update. The reason for this is that some of Google's algorithms are trying not only to look at the "bigger picture of the website" but also to "look at smaller parts of a website," he said.

The question John was asked was pretty straightforward: "During the rollout of the core update, the quality of the website is calculated from the overall signals from the website, and then this website Quality Score is gradually rolled over to each page, page by page." Is it possible that some pages fall and some pages rise and all traffic to the domain stays the same? "

The answer is, of course, it depends. This depends on the respective algorithm, on which evaluations the algorithm can generate at the granular level and what it has to assume or guess for the other pages for which there is not enough data available at this granular level.

John said, "When we're trying to understand the relevance of a website, one of the things we're trying to do is look at the bigger picture of the website." He added, "But we also look at smaller parts of a website. So there may well be some things going up and some things going down. And on average, you will see changes in a domain, or maybe also." equalize even in strange random cases. So that is quite possible the way you see things there. "

"And also, there are always a lot of different things that come out in terms of the search, and some focus a little more on the domain or on a larger image of the website. Some focus more on smaller parts of a website "explained John.

Because of this, he said, "Even outside of a core update, these shifts can occur in some parts of your site and some parts rise and others fall."

Glenn Gabe also summed it up well in these two tweets:

So in terms of Google looking at more detailed parts of a website, you may see ups and downs in core updates in certain areas of your website. So some things focus on the overall rating of the website, others on more detailed aspects.

– Glenn Gabe (@glenngabe) December 22, 2020

Here is the embedded video to watch for yourself. It does not take long. When you click play, it starts at 37:02:

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