After over a year of recording from home, I'm back in my real office – it's weird but good to be back. After Google clearly deleted selected snippets in Google search results a few weeks ago, they returned out of the blue and with no explanation from Google this week. Also, starting this morning, I'm seeing the first signs of an update to the Google search algorithm. Google's John Mueller said the words in the URL become a super light signal after a page is indexed. Google Search Console sent confusing emails about SharedArrayBuffers this week. Are you confused? Can Browser Extensions Affect Your Key Web Vital Signs? Yes, but it doesn't matter. Google blocked an insane number of ads in 2020. I'll walk you through some statistics. Google Ads has launched a new summary view UI for smaller advertisers. Microsoft Advertising has released static headlines for dynamic search ads. Microsoft Bing has replaced the magnifying glass search button with a button that says "Search". Google Maps has a new commercial for a business overlay listing. Google My Business introduced a new way to manage reviews and check the status of requests to remove reviews. Google Maps can now show street views of companies in the service area, which is a very big security and privacy issue. There was a Twitter poll that found that only 45% of SEOs and marketers still do a little bit of affiliate marketing. Oh, and if you'd like to help sponsor these vlogs, go to That was the search news this week at the Search Engine Roundtable.

SPONSOR: This week's video recap is sponsored by Loud Interactive, a Chicago-based SEO firm led by Brent D. Payne.

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