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  2. Math Solvers Rich Results
  3. New reports in the search console

Google is adding support for a new type of schema markup with the introduction of large results for education pages.

Web sites that provide content such as practice problems and math solver pages can use structured data to qualify for the new large results.

According to Google, exercise problems and math support have been the most requested content types from students since school was suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

To make it easier for learners to find what they're looking for, Google is introducing new search capabilities for these two popular types of content.

The new features provide an opportunity for sites that offer this material to increase their visibility on Google and potentially generate more traffic.

Learn more about the new massive results from Google and how education sites can be considered here.

Practice problematic results

Practice problems help students evaluate their understanding of a topic.

When searching for exercise problems, Google now displays a selection of multiple choice questions in the search results.

Google supports new schema markup for education websites

Web sites may be entitled to appear in these large results by implementing the new structured data for exercise problems.


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Google requires websites to flag at least two exercise problems per concept. For example, two exercise problems for the concept of "quadratic equation".

Websites are encouraged to add any recommended structured data properties so that searchers can determine how relevant the content is to their educational level.

“User relevance, including timeliness, grade level, and curriculum standards, can be critical for users in deciding which learning material to use. In our studies, we've heard users look for these signals to determine if online learning content matches what they're learning in school. "

According to Google, at launch, searchers can investigate nearly a million exercise problems from education providers like BBC Bitesize, Byjus, Careers360, Chegg, CK12, Education Quiz, GradeUp, Great Minds, Kahoot !, OpenStax, Toppr, Vedantu, and others.


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Math Solvers Rich Results

Google defines a math solver page as a page that helps users enter equations and find a solution.

Math Solver's results allow users to type equations into the Google search bar to find websites with step-by-step answers.

Google supports new schema markup for education websites

Education sites can use the math solver's new structured data to qualify for large results like the one shown above.


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New reports in the search console

After implementing the required practice problem and math solver markup, website owners can use new reports in Google Search Console to check for errors.

Google supports new schema markup for education websites

All errors, warnings and valid elements for websites with structured data are displayed in extensive results reports in the search console.


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The reports can be used to understand what Google can or cannot read from the markup.

Website owners can fix large result errors and, when errors are corrected, use the report to review the changes.

This triggers a process where Google redraws the affected pages to check that the markup is now valid.

Sources: Google Search Central Blog


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