Google adds more information to Search and Maps about companies that offer grocery delivery and collection options.

The information is automatically added to the search, which means businesses don't need any work, but it's an update worth paying attention to.

This extension to Google Search and Maps is being introduced as part of a major update that includes a number of other useful features.

We'll look at the other features at the end of this article. First, let's cover the improvements made to Google My Business profiles.

New information in Google My Business profiles

Google brings shopping information into stores' store profiles to help people find convenient options for grocery delivery and collection.


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Some of the information that Google adds to the corresponding company profiles in Search and Maps includes:

  • Delivery provider
  • Pick-up and delivery windows
  • Order fees
  • Minimum Order Quantity

Google will initially roll out this information in mobile search, starting with the branches of Instacart and Albertsons Cos. In the USA.

There are plans to extend this function to Google Maps and other delivery partners in the future.

It seems that Google automatically pulls this information into business profiles based on details provided to delivery providers.

As part of this update, Google is testing an innovative grocery service this summer that combines the use of Google Maps with online ordering for roadside pick-up:


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"This summer, we're also partnering with Fred Meyer, a division of The Kroger Co., on a pilot project at select stores in Portland, Oregon, to make grocery collection easier. After you log into the Business have placed an order for pick up, you can add it to Maps. We will send you a notification when it is time to leave the store and let the business know your arrival time. Your ETA will be continuous based on location and traffic This way, the store can prioritize your order so it's ready to use right out of the box. Check in to the Google Maps app and you'll receive your order instantly for seamless, fast, no-touch pickup. "

Google says this update is possible thanks to advances in AI.

Below are some more improvements that will be made to Google Maps in the near future.

Further AI-supported functions for Google Maps

Google Maps users can search for these features, which will be available soon for the mobile app.

Live broadcast

With Google Maps, users will soon be able to use Live View to navigate indoor public spaces such as airports, transit stations and shopping centers.

Google improves store profiles for stores through delivery and collection

“Live View is based on a technology called Global Localization that uses AI to scan billions of Street View images to understand your orientation.

When you take a plane or train, Live View can help you locate the nearest elevator and escalators, your gate, your platform, your baggage claim, your check-in counters, your ticket office, your toilets, ATMs and much more Find. "


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Weather and air quality

A new weather layer in Google Maps shows the current and forecast temperature and weather conditions in an area. And a new air quality layer shows you how healthy (or unhealthy) the air is in that area.

Google improves store profiles for stores through delivery and collection

These levels will be rolled out on Android and iOS in the coming months. The weather layer will be available worldwide and the air quality layer will be introduced in Australia, India and the USA.


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Environmentally friendly travel options

Google Maps uses insights from the US Department of Energy's National Renewable Energy Lab to create a new routing model that is optimized for lower fuel consumption based on factors such as road gradient and traffic jams.

By default, Google Maps will use the lowest carbon route when it has roughly the same ETA as the fastest route.

Google improves store profiles for stores through delivery and collection

Eco-friendly routes will be rolled out in the US later this year on Android and iOS. A global expansion is in preparation.


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Source: Google


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