So, this is how you get this fancy knowledge window for your company name and / or product name, and people do a search on Google and they can see in this knowledge window how impressive your company is. But suddenly Google decides to show "alternatives" or competitors right in your knowledge panel.

That happened the other day with Darren Shaw's WhiteSpark. Here is a screenshot he shared on Twitter showing "alternative" companies or competitors to his company:

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Darren wrote, "Oh man. Check out this bullshit on our GMB Knowledge Panel. Are they going to put competitors on all lists now?"

Google's Danny Sullivan responded by saying, "I imagine this is a test that uses featured snippets to reveal more information about a company. Fully understand the concerns here, and I will post the feedback to the on Monday Forward search team. "

I couldn't repeat this, but some did. I suspect it got resolved, but the funny thing, as Andy Simpson points out, can happen to Google itself:


– Andy Simpson (@ndyjsimpson) March 30, 2021

This reminds me a little of the fact that when searching for a specific company, Google would display competitors above your local listing.

Anyway, that kind of stuff sucks, but it's the algorithm at its best (or worst).

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