Google is rolling out new certificates to help people accelerate their careers towards digital jobs in high-demand areas.

Google Career Certificates can be earned by completing six month courses. The following programs are offered at the beginning:

  • Data analyst
  • Project manager
  • UX designer

Kent Walker, Google's SVP for Global Affairs, says the certificates will carry the same weight as a four-year degree in a related field.

"In our own setting, we will now treat these new career certificates as the equivalent of a four-year degree in related roles."

Walker claims that a college degree is not required if an applicant has one of Google's career certificates.

The goal is to help Americans learn digital job skills so they can get back to work now – not four years from now.

Here you can learn more about each of these certificates, how they are earned, and how much they cost.

Google career certificates

Google's career certificates are available to all US citizens regardless of their work experience or educational level.

The courses required to acquire the certificates are entirely developed by Google and hosted on Coursera. So they can all be done online at your own pace.

The costs? $ 49 per month.

Grants and scholarships will be available for those who need them.

The monthly fee also provides access to resources that can be helpful in job hunting and interview preparation.

The total cost of each course depends on how long it takes each individual to complete it.

Google estimates the completion time for each course to be around six months, but there is no strict time frame.

A course can take more or less time depending on how much work is put into it each month.

Again, the courses include:

  • Data Analyst ($ 66,000 Median Annual Wage): Learn how to use tools and platforms to process, analyze, visualize and gain insights from data.
  • Project Manager ($ 93,000 Average Annual Salary): Get to know the basics of traditional project management and gain insights into agile project management.
  • UX Designer (Average Annual Salary of $ 75,000): Learn the basics of UX design and research, create low fidelity designs and wireframes, create high fidelity prototypes and test.


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It is not known yet when Google will offer these courses other than that they will be "soon".

Google announced the programs back in July. Presumably, the company is trying to raise awareness beforehand

If the idea is to get America back to work it would make sense to assume that the courses are available every day now.

Google lets people sign up to be emailed notifications when courses are open.

Career prospects

Google says it will treat its own certificates as the equivalent of a college degree – but what about other employers?

Surely not everyone will be lucky enough to get a job on Google. Fortunately, other options will be available.

Google is committed to helping certificate holders get recruited and can even send information direct to top employers.

"Obtaining the certificate is an important first step and you will also be supported in the next step – the job search. Once you have completed the program, you can choose to share your information directly with top employers who are looking for jobs in them Set areas. "


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Google offers hundreds of training opportunities for people completing the professional certification programs to enable real on-the-job training.

For more information and sign-ups for notifications, see the landing page here.


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