Google has updated the Product Structured Data page to add a new form of large-scale results called a “price cut”. The Price Decline Appearance shows information about the price decline in the search-rich results.

Structured data and Google Rich results's structured data was developed by Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Yandex. Google selects certain structured data types to use to display large results on Google Search Results Pages (SERPs).

Product-rich results stand out in the SERPs and theoretically encourage more clicks on a site. To support e-commerce stores, Google publishes developer pages that inform publishers which structured data should be used so that it can be displayed in Google search with extensive results.

Product-structured data includes stars, product images and shipping information, among other things.

Search site for product dispatch

Product shipping improvement screenshotScreenshot showing an improvement in product shipping in Google search

Price drop appearance

Google has a new rich result related to the structured product data. This abundant result is known as the price collapse.

Google tracks the price used for the structured data type "Offer" within the structured product data used on a product page.


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When the product price changes, Google will add a large result called a "price drop" that reflects the price drop.

Price drop rich result is new

Screenshot of the new price reduction area

Google illustration of the look of price cuts

Google has illustrated what the new high-price drop in search results will look like:


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Screenshot of Price Drop Appearance Rich Result

Screenshot of an improvement in the appearance of the price reduction search

So you will be entitled for price drops to occur

Google's updated structured product data developer page explains that the publisher must use the structured data of the listing and the price must be a single specific price rather than a range.


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The structured data property "Offers" can be used with the "AggregateOffer" type to display a price range. The structured data property "Offers" can also be used with the structured data type "Offer" to specify a single price.

If a publisher wants to be eligible for price drops to occur, it is important to use the Offer structured data type rather than the AggregateOffer type.

According to Google:

“Price Drop: Help people understand the lowest price for your product. Based on the running historical average of product prices, Google automatically calculates the price decline. The drop in prices is available in the US in English on both desktop and mobile.

Add an offer to your structured product data to be eligible for price drops to occur. The price must be a specific price, not a range (for example, it cannot be between $ 50.99 and $ 99.99). "


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Then Google emphasizes elsewhere on the developer side:

"To be eligible for the price drop, add Offer, not AggregateOffer."

Be aware of the abundant outcome opportunities

This new rich result offers the opportunity to leave an impression of a low price in the search results. The new result with a high price drop makes the sales prices appear in the search results, which may lead to more sales.

Make sure that your structured product data is properly configured to take advantage of this new look and feel of search.


Read the updated structured product data developers page


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