Yesterday afternoon, Google released information about some changes that were made to improve the reliability of search results. That announcement was mostly about keeping Google ahead of the polls, but we've heard a few new things and confirmations. Google made some changes to the local ranking algorithm a week ago, but it could have been a bug. Google My Business introduced new attributes for health and safety functions. According to Google, the most important web vitals are not becoming the primary ranking factor. Google is now asking you to check the facts. Bing Webmaster Tools has discontinued its geo-targeting functionality. And no, Bing doesn't use Hreflang to find regional information. Google Search Console coverage report is still delayed but should catch up soon. Google's url parameter tool is going to get a really cool upgrade. Bing has officially launched its robots.txt test tool and URL inspection tool. Google posted a great SEO mythbusting video on content and SEO with Lily Ray. Google's voice-enabled markup is not dead. Google Said Pic: loc urls don't count towards your sitemap XML limit. Google My Business has an error changing the addresses of some companies in the server area. The Google Ads performance planner now supports Google Shopping campaigns. According to Microsoft's Christi Olson, the change to the Google Ads search term is ridiculous. There's also a new petition on this Google Ads search term report. Microsoft Advertising added extensions for multiple images. Yes, SEO companies can technically do a lot of damage and know who to hire. Google has a new Easter egg if you are looking for the fresh Prince from Bell Air. John Mueller won Global Search Personality of the Year. Oh, and if you'd like to sponsor these vlogs, go to That was the search news this week at the Search Engine Roundtable.

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