Google's John Mueller said on Twitter that there might be a small bandwidth savings with GoogleBot crawling your website when using Webp over JPEG image formats. But then you would only see this difference if the site is a "very image heavy site". On normal websites, there probably wouldn't be any bandwidth savings there.

Here was the question:

if you have both JPEG / Webp versions of an image. Is there an advantage / disadvantage if the WebP version is made available to the crawler compared to the more general JPG version? #SEO #Images #WebP @JohnMu @Kevin_Indig

– Tim Vereecke (@TimVereecke) August 26, 2020

Kevin Indig and John Mueller responded similarly:

I think the main difference you would see is in the bandwidth it takes to crawl (and probably that wouldn't be too massive unless it's a very image-intensive site like Kevin mentioned). You shouldn't see any difference in terms of user-related SEO.

– 🍌 John 🍌 (@JohnMu) August 26, 2020

Google's John Mueller added that "you shouldn't see any difference in terms of SEO for users".

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