Google's Gary Illyes said at the Google Central Live event last night that there is an advantage, I take an SEO advantage, if title tags are longer than what appears in search. He later added that you should keep the title tag "concise" with the subject of the page and not worry about how long it is or if it is too long.

The specific question was asked at 1:25:05, "Does it make sense to have title tags that are longer than the displayable text in the search snippets?" Gary said "yes".

Gary then went into detail at 1:28:41. Gary said the length is "not a small number," like 160 or 220 characters. He said if it's a sentence or something you won't get any manual action.

A title tag that is truncated in search results, as in the screenshot below, is fine and can benefit you if it matches keywords:

Click for full size

Now this shouldn't come as a big surprise. Google changed the display length of the title tag multiple times, always saying that the length doesn't matter. Google has stated that there is no fixed length for title tags. The display of a snippet is not directly related to what Google uses for ranking purposes.

Here is the video that was embedded at launch time:

According to @ethod, there are advantages if title tags are longer than what is shown in Google search. But in true Gary the Gray style, of course, he doesn't extend his "yes" answer. 😂

– Jennifer Slegg (@jenstar) February 24, 2021

Gary also said it was valuable to have titles that are longer than the visible part in search results.

– Barry Schwartz (@rustybrick) February 24, 2021

Forum discussion on Twitter.

Update: Google has classified the video embedded above as private. : – / I suspect they will republish it later after breaking it up into segments.


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