Over the past few days I've received a lot of notifications from people that Google is now showing the number of years a business has been in operation right in the local package. We covered this about a month ago but it could be coming out soon.

Here is a screenshot from Google showing this for my business:

Click for full size

Brodie found one from over 85 years:

Here's an interesting local SEO test that I hadn't seen before. & # 39; X Years in Business & # 39; will appear in the map package for some GMB entries based on a (previously unused) field on the dashboard. Another variant from September can be viewed via @rustybrick: https://t.co/6SR353c4yN pic.twitter.com/cIk8xC2jYq

– Brodie Clark (@brodieseo) November 24, 2020

Gus shows less than a year open:

Spotted "Years in Business" on GMB.

Presumably Google takes this from the "Open Date" field at GMB?

I can only replicate incognito mode for insurance-related requests.

I've never looked for insurance before, no idea if it's new. Useful but also easy to forge? pic.twitter.com/IpktIRfc0I

– Gustavo Pelogia (Gus) (@pelogia) November 24, 2020

Tim shows one who is over 50 years old:

Saw a 50+ today too. pic.twitter.com/Cd0ePUVG9i

– Tim Capper (@GuideTwit) November 20, 2020

More and more people are seeing it, so maybe Google will be showing these labels soon? Does this help consumers know if a company is 1 year old or 25 years old? Does it build trust?

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