Andy Simpson and Brodie Clark shared screenshots from Google showing descriptions and links in the local knowledge area. Personally, I can't replicate, but in some cases the links themselves also perform the scrolling to text and highlighting functionality that we saw in Google snippets.

Here is a screenshot from Andy:

Here's another one:

🧐 Okay, there would be more tests. #localseo @GoogleMyBiz @SterlingSkyInc @rustybrick @jasonmbarnard #IveNoIdeaWhatToCallThis

– Andy Simpson (@ndyjsimpson) August 31, 2020

Brodie saw it specifically for knowledge panels, but this is a local knowledge panel:

If you can find more examples that would be awesome, no stress if not. G recently started showing ScrollToText in Knowledge Panels, so was curious to see if this is the case for Local Panels as well.

– Brodie Clark (@brodieseo) September 1, 2020

In any case, it's interesting to see how Google plays with these things and then see what's inside. I'm not sure I like such descriptions and links in the local Google Knowledge Knowledge Panel, right?

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