I believe Google Local, part of the local service ad product, is testing a feature to show estimated prices in your area for certain types of queries. Anubhav Garg discovered this field for a query about (Roofing Hackensack) that showed the estimated prices for a roofing job in this area (which is not far from my location at all).

Here is a screenshot from Anubhav on Twitter – I can't replicate this:

All I see are the local results. I don't see the "Estimated cost near you" box. I see the same exact local results in the local package by the way.

This is said to be from Homewyse, a service that gives you prices for home repairs. I know of Homewyse's Google Local Service ad partners for typical provider service pricing, but I've never seen this in action before I don't think so.

Here is the screenshot from the Google help document that I linked to above.

Click for full size

Google wrote, "Google is working with Homewyse to provide you with pricing information for services in your area. Homewyse is an online reference that provides cost breakdowns and price estimates for general remodeling, installation, maintenance and repair services in a specific region."

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