1. Quick response to changes in consumer habits
  2. Virtual events continue
  3. Work from home continues
  4. Online shopping is the norm today

Companies have changed the way they do business since the pandemic. In a new report, Google predicts which of these changes will stay here.

Google cites search data to back up some of its predictions and says these pivots will be permanent:

  • Using real-time tracking insights to quickly respond to consumers.
  • Hold virtual events.
  • To work from home.
  • Offers consumers more convenient ways to shop online.

Google predicts these 4 pandemic changes will be permanent

Google admits that all industries had to rethink their approach to marketing during the pandemic. Business will likely return to some level of normal when the pandemic is over, but these consumer-friendly changes will not be forgotten.


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Quick response to changes in consumer habits

Consumer habits are evolving rapidly during the pandemic, forcing companies to better track real-time information and act on the data.

Change of Habits: Searching Before Shopping

Consumers are increasingly turning to Google search to find out which companies have items in stock before heading to a store.

Google is referring to data from the first few months of the pandemic. Looking for "Who has" and "in stock" were over at the top 8,000% Year after year in the US

Habit change: fewer trips for groceries

Consumers limit their outings to eat as Google has a growing interest in search queries such as: "Can you freeze?" in the UK and "Home delivery" in France.


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Change of habit: save more, spend less

As the pandemic continues to weigh on personal income, many consumers are saving more and spending less on non-essential items.

Google cites data from a Kantar study that found that 71% of people in G7 countries say their personal income was or would be affected by the pandemic.

Google predicts these 4 pandemic changes will be permanent

The impact on personal income is highest in Italy (85%), the US (75%) and Canada (75%).

According to a BCG report, 29% of people expecting a change in their spending habits say they save more and 27% say they spend less on non-essential items.

Change of Habit: Consumers will find alternatives

Consumer behavior during the pandemic shows they are looking for alternatives when something they depend on is taken away.

When the schools closed, Google did a search "Learn online" went up 400% Year for year.

If gyms have had to close, they will look for Fitness apps jumped 200% Year for year.

When the world got too isolating, people tried to keep connections online. Searches that contain the phrase "Online with friends" went up 300% Year for year.

Looking for "Watch Party" (for example "Youtube Watch Party" or "Private Watch Party") grew 400% Year for year.


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Take away from google

“To better respond to rapid changes in consumer behavior, brands have created real-time insight tracking, insights into their business, and new processes in place to respond quickly to their discoveries. This new reality will ensure brands are positioned to lead with insights. "

Virtual events continue

The pandemic forced all personal events to cancel, which resulted in marketing teams switching to virtual events.

Live events will return at some point, but Google predicts they will look different.

Now that consumers have the ability to attend events from their living room, live events need to be a great experience to put them back under their spell.

Google expects virtual events to continue after the pandemic. Although the company believes that a digital environment is not the best solution for all events.


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Work from home continues

Google predicts that the changes companies have had to make to the traditional in-office working model should be said here.

Search and shopping data suggests that the hub for working from home began before the pandemic. People have shown a growing desire to spend more time doing what they enjoy and less time doing things like the commute.

For businesses, this means that Google continues to look for ways to meet people's basic needs:

“The work model in the office has likely changed forever, changing consumer habits and workplace cultures. For businesses, this means finding ways to meet people's most basic needs and taking steps to foster a more resilient workforce. "

Online shopping is the norm today

E-commerce picked up speed during the pandemic and some people turned to online shopping out of necessity for the first time in their lives.


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Google notes that shopping activity has increased for items that are not normally bought online.

“The number of people willing to buy groceries, clothes and even cars online has increased significantly. For example, in the first six months of 2020, almost 10% of cars were sold online compared to just 1% of cars sold online for all of 2018. "

The brick and mortar business had to focus on offering options such as on-site delivery and roadside pick-up.

These new and more convenient shopping habits are unlikely to go away after the pandemic.

Source: Think with Google


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