Google has made its real estate advertising available worldwide as part of Google Ads hotel campaigns. Google said this is "an ad format that advertisers can use to reach users who have not yet identified the exact hotel they want to book."

Real estate advertisements appear in Google's geographic location search results "to allow advertisers to position specific hotels in a specific location," Google said. Real estate advertising was purely a whitelisted advertising solution, which means that up to now anyone around the world can use it. Advertisers can use the Google Ads interface, API and bulk upload system to place specific bids on real estate advertising, Google said.

This is how it looks:

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There are two types of ad groups for hotel campaigns: (a) property advertisement and (b) booking link.

Ads for real estate advertising

Real Estate Advertising is a new type of ad group for hotel campaigns that advertisers can use to increase exposure to their property by promoting it in a prominent position in hotel search results. Real estate advertising ads aim to drive incremental outbound clicks while maintaining expected conversion rates and booking value.

Booking link ads

The booking link is the ad group type for hotel campaigns that advertisers can use to control online bookings and streamline checkout with a link directly to their booking page. Ads for booking links are displayed in the booking module for a specific property.

Real estate adverts appear in the hotel search on both desktop and mobile when a user enters a categorical query (e.g., "hotels nyc"). Up to 2 real estate advertisements can be placed on each results page.

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For more information, see the Google help documents.

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