Google is testing a new system for website owners to report bugs and security issues in a timely manner.

The messaging process for sending reports is introduced first for security issues, with other types of errors being supported.

Google offers many support mechanisms. However, we understand that there may be situations where website owners want to report urgent bugs or other issues in a timely manner. To help with this, we are testing a new reporting system that starts with security issues.

– Google Webmasters (@googlewmc) August 26, 2020

Google's new method of reporting and resolving security issues starts with going to the Search Console help pages.

At the bottom of the page is a "Report a Security Issue" button that website owners can use to report potential false positives or request a re-examination.

Site owners must be signed in to Search Console to use the Report Security Issue button.

Google offers a more efficient way to report urgent bugs

The new reporting process can only be used if websites have been flagged with a security issue in the Search Console.

If the problem cannot be resolved with Google's existing support mechanisms, the new reporting method can be used.

Website owners shouldn't use this new reporting tool as their first option.

If you immediately toggle to the Report Security Issue button without using any of the existing methods, Google will redirect you to public resources.

This reporting tool is currently only available on the English-language help pages. Additional languages ​​may be supported in the future if this tool proves successful.

Other bugs beyond security issues may also be supported in the future. This in turn depends on how successful the pilot program is.

This is where you can find the Google Search Console help pages that have a new "Report a Security Problem" button.


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