Google's Danny Sullivan said Google is providing "visibility and guidance" for its core updates. He said on Twitter, "My answer is that we have a lot of things to look out for. This site does not guarantee that all of these things will in any way improve the ranking."

This is in response to a post by Russ Jones which stated that "core updates do not contain actionable advice that discourages those who work in good faith and encourages those who do not."

(P1) IMHO the internet wins if Google makes its ranking factors transparent.
– Cell phone friendly
– Core web vitals

But "core updates" that don't provide actionable advice discourage those who work in good faith and encourage those who don't: @johnmu @searchliaison

– Russ Jones (@rjonesx) December 8, 2020

Questioned this, Danny said, "There were over 20 specific questions for websites to consider regarding core updates, and that is just part of a long page of things to consider." He linked the blog post with advice on key updates that they mentioned. What webmasters should know about Google's core updates.

IMHO it's a Catch22 situation where in many cases even this guide can distract / misinform many companies. I've received a link on this article from numerous customers claiming they've done everything … I'm doing an audit and I find 10 pages of best practices that were left untroubled

– Joe Hall @ (@joehall) December 8, 2020

Obviously, when multiple sites do these things, they can't all come first. Our systems change to show what we think is most useful. It doesn't mean, as we have said repeatedly, that the other sites are kind of bad or need improvement …

– Danny Sullivan (@dannysullivan) December 8, 2020

Yes, you are right … but "all the SEO" is not on this page. And I understand that you indicated that it did not. Using catchy acronyms for abstract ideas distracts most business owners from the bigger picture. IMHO documentation should be boring and less appealing to non-professional LOL

– Joe Hall @ (@joehall) December 8, 2020

The big picture is pretty simple. It says right in the mail: "We recommend that you focus on delivering the best possible content."

– Danny Sullivan (@dannysullivan) December 8, 2020

Our non-technical advice for a website that wants to perform well would be to have the best possible content for your users. Not "Gosh, make sure you have links and technical architecture!" In fact, this is the opening of our guide to SEO:

After that …..

– Danny Sullivan (@dannysullivan) December 8, 2020

As for links, sure – the guide acknowledges them, but it really focuses on whether you've got the basics right, the content right, then so the good thoughts should follow.

– Danny Sullivan (@dannysullivan) December 8, 2020

Entrepreneurs want to be successful. When it comes to searching, it usually means attracting visitors who they hope will convert in some way, with little or no cost and effort, especially since they have to run businesses. Or am I next to it? ….

– Danny Sullivan (@dannysullivan) December 8, 2020

Well, if you're an SEO that a business owner hired and they say "But I want more!" or "Why did my traffic change?" Your perspective is understandably "How do I explain all of this" or "How do I fix this?". And so back to our post …

– Danny Sullivan (@dannysullivan) December 8, 2020

Search is about providing the most useful information to the searcher. It is impossible for this to coincide with every company that thinks it should be the first. And we are certainly not perfect. But it aligns and helps a large number of businesses overall, all the time.

– Danny Sullivan (@dannysullivan) December 8, 2020

What do you think of these responses from Google's Danny Sullivan?

Here are some responses to it:

But seriously. Imagine that you are a newspaper that is a global institution known for its defining journalism and world-class coverage. Your paper sets political agendas. You make or break careers with your job. What you publish today will be discussed worldwide tomorrow.

– Barry Adams (@badams) December 8, 2020

I mean, seriously, Google didn't even pass many of these. I mean, do I trust the question answered by written in 2015 and updated with a new Amazon affiliate link every month?

– JR Oakes (@jroakes) December 8, 2020

It's a bit of fun because it's almost like being told an SEO to write 1,000 words based on Cutts that say, "Just do great content."

– Conrad O & # 39; Connell (@conradoconnell) December 8, 2020

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