Google has a new structured data markup for the exercise problems and search results for math solvers. We first saw these results in Google search results in late December 2020. Now Google has officially launched this feature and with that launch added new markups and reports in the search console to debug those markups.

This is what they look like in Google search:

New structured data

Google added new practice problem markup to "help students, teachers, and parents find your educational and study materials more easily online". The practice problems feature is available in English in all regions where Google Search is available. The function is only available for math and science topics, for multiple choice and checkbox question types, and for desktop and mobile devices.

There are many guidelines out there, but here are the ones that Google prioritized:

  • Add a quiz property for each practice problem you want to introduce. The structured data needs to appear on the same page as the exercise problem that a user can interact with on your webpage.
  • Your website must contain all the required structured data properties as described under Required Quiz Properties.
  • You must mark at least two practice problems per concept (e.g. two practice problems for the "quadratic equation" concept). Focus on marking the concepts and problems that you want to qualify for to appear in the abundant result of the exercise problems. They can be on separate pages.

Google also added new markup for math solvers. "To help students, teachers, and others with math problems, you can use structured data to indicate the types of math problems and step-by-step instructions for specific math problems." Using structured data for Math Solver, you can qualify your website for Google search when people enter a math equation in the Google search bar.

It is important to note that Math Solver Structured Data applies only to official Math Solvers. Don't add this structured data to pages where users can't submit math equations for a step-by-step solution.

This is how it looks:

Click for full size

Debugging tools for the Google Search Console

Google has also released new tools in the Google Search Console to debug this new markup.

Google released a new report on the Search Console with extensive results showing all the errors, warnings, and valid items for pages with structured data. You can use this report to understand what Google can or cannot read from your website and to troubleshoot large results. Once you have fixed a problem, you can use the report to validate it. This will trigger a process where Google will redraw your affected pages.

Here is a screenshot of this report:

Click for full size

The Large Results Testing Tool has also been updated to support this new markup:

Click for full size

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