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Google announces passage-based indexing

Google announced a number of upcoming changes and improvements to search, including the announcement that it will soon be able to identify individual passages on a webpage to display relevant content in search results.


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Another change, which will come soon, enables us to identify individual passages on a website and process them as possibly relevant for a search. We think this will improve 7% of searches on Google. #SearchOn

– Danny Sullivan (@dannysullivan) October 15, 2020

New Google Shopping features

Google announced new shopping features that will benefit both shoppers and retailers over the coming holiday season.

Consumer-related changes

  • price comparison: Items can be flagged to indicate whether their prices are high, low, or typical compared to other products on Google Shopping.
  • Price tracking: Buyers can sign up to receive price tracking notifications in Gmail or the Google app.

Changes for retailers

  • Dealer promotions: Merchant promotions are now available in the US and appear in multiple locations in Google for both free and organic shopping deals. Google also said they will expedite the Christmas shopping season approval process.
  • New smart shopping destination: The new target of customer acquisition for Smart Shopping campaigns is no longer in the beta phase and is available to all advertisers.
  • New Google Shopping coverage: Auction Insights metrics are available for shopping campaigns in the Google Ads Report Editor


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Google is charged with antitrust proceedings

The US Department of Justice is suing Google for multiple antitrust violations related to online search.

The suit is the result of a year-long investigation by the tech giant.

New Facebook e-commerce functions

Facebook announced new e-commerce features ahead of the Christmas shopping season.

First, brands can create shoppable product tag ads right from Facebook Ads Manager.

They also announced new e-commerce-centric audiences, including custom audiences for shopping engagements and similar audiences for brands using Facebook stores.

Brands can also manage and promote sales for their store from the Promotions tab of Commerce Manager.

In our Take of the Week segment, digital marketers have written some passionate limericks about the challenges they face in response to Tim Halloran's poetry challenge.

This is called the "Ode to Facebook" ❤️

Once upon a time there was a young man who ran ads.
Who hated it when half-baked ad tech made them look bad?
"I got it!" he said,
"I'll just never get up"
And now all of his customers are crazy.
*** # ppcchat #fbadschat (2/2)

– Tim Halloran @ (@timmhalloran) October 13, 2020

Then, ICYMI, Pamela Lund has some advice for advertisers with upcoming Facebook campaign launches. Do not wait.

Facebook approvals are very slow right now. So if you have a sale, launch, etc next week this is the right place to grow your campaigns / ads.

– Pamela Lund (@Pamela_Lund) October 21, 2020

We answer your burning questions about digital marketing in our quick lap segment:

  • Who just made Target ROAS bids available to advertisers on their platform?
  • What you need to know about Google Tag Manager's new preview tool.
  • When do most people listen to podcasts?
  • Find the best seafood in Colorado here.
  • Why Advertisers Using Facebook Audience Network May Change Their Strategy Soon.
  • How the Biden campaign became the flagship for disabling ad placement for search partners.


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