Google may have released another algorithm update from last weekend. I almost didn't deal with it. In the last two days there was also a possible update of the local search ranking by Google. Google's Danny Sullivan said you shouldn't expect the Page Experience Update to change massively overnight. Google announced that the first mobile indexing deadline will be around March, but there is no specific date for the deadline. Gary Illyes from Google spoke about Google's Serving Index and Indexing Shards. According to Google, title tags that are longer than those shown in search results have an advantage. Google may have been showing fewer selected snippets since February 19 or so. Gary Illyes also said that Google may only have updated their search algorithm a couple of times because SEOs are playing the system. Google announced that it generally does not announce when ranking factors or signals are rejected. Google said the number of links to your website is completely irrelevant to SEO. The Google Search Console made changes to the number of impressions and clicks on some web stories. Google tests a keyword tag or label in search results. Google Ads has changed the requirements of the Google Partner Program to allow agencies to decline certain recommendations. Google said it is stopping showcase shopping ads. Oh, and if you'd like to help sponsor these vlogs, go to That was the search news this week at the Search Engine Roundtable.

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