For example, suppose your website has a DA of one billion and you get a link from a website with a DA of 999,999,999, which is obviously less than a billion. Can this affect your Google rankings? In short, does getting links from pages of lower quality than where the link is going affect your Google rankings?

The answer is no, not necessarily. Oh, and the DA example is bad sarcasm.

Following the links placed without an input story, Google's John Mueller was asked whether what would happen if the other websites were of poor quality and these websites linked to you. "Do we have to think about a rejection or can we leave it as it is?" John said, "Just because a website isn't as high quality as yours doesn't mean that links from that website harm your website in any way."

Did you place these links yourself, for example by buying them? Just because a website is not as high quality as yours does not mean that links from that website harm your website in any way.

– 🍌 John 🍌 (@JohnMu), July 13, 2020

But I think if you bought these links you should be scared, very scared. Sorry, maybe not afraid of sarcasm, but paid links violate Google’s guidelines and can be violated with a manual action.

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