You can now split and cube your Google Search Console performance report by news content versus web, image, or video content. Google has just added a new filter under the "Search type" option for the "News" performance report.

Here is a screenshot of this filter:

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Google announced this on Twitter and said, "Now you can analyze traffic on the News tab in Google Search. Learn more about filtering data in performance reports."

Here's the help document with more details, including the fact that this news filter only shows impressions and clicks on the Google News tab (not necessarily the top story carousel).

Note that this data began to fill on June 30, 2020 based on what I see in my performance report.

Forum discussion on Twitter.

Update: Now Google is sending emails to people with message traffic using the new message filter. It says, "Google Search News tab data is now in the Search Console performance report. We recently added new data to the Search Console performance report: Google Search News tab data. This data shows clicks, impressions, and click rates for all the links that appear on the News tab in Google search results. To access this data in the report, click the "Search type: Web" filter at the top of the report and then select "News" directly to your news search data by clicking the button below. "

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Update: As I said earlier, this only filters the News tab, not the carousel of top stories:

FWIW "Top Stories" are included in the normal web search setting in the performance report.

– 🍌 John 🍌 (@JohnMu) July 21, 2020


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