This is wild, I mean, I think it's a bit of an exaggeration even for Google. Google changes the background heading image for Google search results based on your query. If you're looking for things like (creative ideas), (Christmas ideas), (flower ideas), and others, Google will swap out the white background for an image background.

Note: Google informed me that these images are licensed by vendors.

Here are more screenshots:

Google even shows love for SEOs with it:

This was first discovered by Yvo Schaap and communicated to me on Twitter.

I can replicate this on my iPhone using Chrome Mobile.

Forum discussion on Twitter.

Update: Google sent me this statement on the subject: "We are constantly testing new ways to improve the search experience and make it more helpful, modern and user-friendly."

Update 2: If you've been looking for certain types of ideas, some adult images have popped up. Google has deactivated the function:

We do not intend to trigger headlines for suggestive topics. However, since this was the case, we pause the experiment to investigate. Also, headers shouldn't be explicit or have nudity. We'll check that too.

– Danny Sullivan (@dannysullivan) August 19, 2020


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