This week has been interesting, it seemed that Google was having some indexing or ranking issues outside of the US, but I couldn't replicate. I published the Google Webmaster Monthly Report. Google does not index links, but the pages between the links. Google's John Mueller spoke about word count and ranking. Most SEOs believe that through a manual action, Google can display a website without notifying the webmaster. Googlebot is now on version 85 of Chrome. Google introduced the licensable badge in image search with new search filters. Google is testing a new product carousel. Google My Business is asking companies to update their service availability. Also, Google My Business added some sort of integration with video conferencing. Local Google panels can display descriptions and links in the local panel. Buttons for picking up orders are also displayed in the local Google panels. Local Google listings can also show how many years a business has been in operation. According to Google Ads, some search terms are hidden in the search term for privacy reasons. Google Ads is increasing the price of ads in some regions to help cover taxes. Google bans ads that benefit from sensitive events or blame others. Google Ads has added more conversion categories. And Microsoft Advertising launched its new console for all advertisers. Note, I think I had the frame rate too high on the camera so the lighting looks strange. Oh, and if you'd like to sponsor these vlogs, go to That was the search news this week at the Search Engine Roundtable.

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