Google appears to have fixed an issue with Google Discover that prevented large image previews from being displayed for non-AMP pages.

This is a continuation of an earlier story in April when we reported that Google was aware of the problem and was working on a solution.

The main developer of the Search Engine Journal, Vahan Petrosyan, first made Google aware of this problem and now tells me that it has been fixed.

This is good news for all non-AMP websites that are eligible to display on Google Discover because they are more visible in users' feeds.

However, there are still certain criteria that must be met to view large image previews in Google Discover.

If you are unfamiliar with this issue and are not sure why it is good to have it fixed, here is some background information to help you find out.

Large image preview in Google Discover

In Google Discover, the content feed under the Google search bar, websites can display either miniature images or a large image preview.

Here is a comparison of a normal website with a small thumbnail and an AMP page with a much larger image.

Google Discover now displays large images for non-AMP pages

Needless to say, the big picture will get a lot more attention.

This was a problem for normal websites because Google Discover didn't give them a very consistent large image preview.

Even when Google's official criteria for displaying large images were met, Discover most often displayed small thumbnails for normal web pages.

This issue was brought to Google's attention when it was found in April that it was an ongoing issue.

It was fixed three months later. Google Discover regularly shows large image previews for non-AMP pages.

This, in turn, is based on our developers' tests. There is no official statement from Google on the subject.



While this is not something, I would expect Google to make an explanation.

It is best not to draw attention to a problem that many people did not even know existed.

But that does not mean that it is not worth knowing about it.

After Google fixed the problem with large images, website owners can benefit from the same visibility in Discover that AMP pages get.

As long as all criteria are met.

Google Discover now displays large images for non-AMP pagesAn AMP and non-AMP page with a large image preview.

How to display large images in Google Discover

All content indexed in Google Search can be viewed in Discover if it complies with Google’s content guidelines.

By default, Discover displays small thumbnails for each web page if certain criteria are not met.

A large image preview is displayed in Discover when the web page contains an image at least 1200 px wide.



In addition, non-AMP pages must activate a large image preview with the setting "Maximum image preview: Large".

AMP sites do not need to do this additional step because large previews are automatically activated when the website has an image that is at least 1200 pixels wide.

It's worth noting that Google wants content publishers to avoid using a logo as their main image if they want to be featured in Discover.

Use images that are compelling, high quality, and unique.



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