At SMX Virtual earlier this month, Google's John Mueller kindly agreed to speak at the event and he shared many amazing search tips and changes in his presentation. But he also shared some Outlook ideas looking forward to 2021 in search and SEO.

Glenn Gabe took screenshots of these particular slides and shared them on Twitter – but I still believe you can see the presentation on SMX Virtual 2020 – if you want.

Here are these two slides that summarize what to look for in 2021:

  • Core Web Vitals (i.e. Page Experience Update)
  • Websites that are technically better with technical SEO have an advantage
  • Technical SEO is generally more difficult, so get some help
  • Websites should aim to get users to "user pull" which means that users will want to search for you by your brand name
  • Ranking updates continue, including core updates that are difficult to explain
  • There will be SEO updates to help less SEO savvy sites like Passage Indexing, RankBrain, BERT, and others (I don't think John specifically named these).
  • Look for ways to be more visible to the user, such as: B. structured data or search vertical

Here are Glenn's slides:

More from John: In 2021 there will be more opportunities to get more visible in Search. i.e. new ways to highlight content. Google is actively working on it.

There's a lot more to say about John's presentation and I'm sure @rustybrick will be covering more on it tomorrow. 🙂

– Glenn Gabe (@glenngabe) December 8, 2020

I also wrote some key takeaways from John Mueller's talk at SMX.

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