Google today has a socially distant Thanksgiving Doodle logo on its homepage in the US. You can see the "furry and feathered friends" talking from branch to branch over a tin can corded phone. Yahoo also has a turkey logo and Bing has a Thanksgiving background.

Here is a higher resolution google doodle. Click to enlarge it:

Click for full size

Google wrote: "On the last Thursday of November each year, many Americans celebrate Thanksgiving by expressing gratitude and sharing a moment and meal.

Although this year will look a little different for people across the country, today's Doodle – and the furry and feathered friends in it – recognize the spirit of this special holiday: a time when everyone ponders their blessings and loved ones around and around near can appreciate far and adopt new traditions. "

If you missed it, Google has a Google Translate Thanksgiving Easter Egg.

Oh, and if you hit Google Doodle, it would take you to a search for [Thanksgiving History].

Here is the Yahoo logo:

I can't share the Bing topic because I don't want to be sued for sharing it here.

Happy Thanksgiving.

I'm not going to post any vacation stories here today – back tomorrow!

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