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Google's rich results test from beta

Google’s rich results test now supports all of the Google Search rich results features and is officially no longer in beta.

The rich results test tells webmasters if there are any errors or warnings on a page that prevent them from showing up as a rich result.

The tool also notifies webmasters of all the extensive search functions their site is suitable for, includes a preview of desktop and mobile results and is fully tailored to the Google Search Console reports.

Google will eventually phase out its structured data testing tool and recommends using the rich results test to validate structured data.

New options for Google Responsive Display Ads

Advertisers familiar with Google’s Responsive Display Ad format will notice new formatting options when they set up their ads.

By expanding the Additional Format Options menu, advertisers can enable auto-generated videos, asset enhancements, and native formats.

All of these options are automatically enabled unless advertisers manually disable them.

Thumbnails discovered in Google search results

Google tests thumbnails in the main search results and in the "Suggestions from Google" drop-down list.

Thumbnails are not shown in all listings, and Google has not implied why, but highlighted images are displayed as thumbnails.

This week's recording is from Gary Illyes, who reminds you that a perfect Lighthouse score is not a perfect website.

I don't know whose bubble I'm going to burst with it, but "getting an SEO score of 100" in Lighthouse just means that you can follow a handful of instructions, not that you're great at SEO. But good job!

– Gary ly 理 / 6 Illyes (@ method) July 6, 2020



ICYMI, Pamela Lund has a Twitter thread that PPC perfectionists don't want to miss.

I am a perfectionist and a high flyer. I recently realized how it affects me mentally when I create customer reports, and how it affects my customers. If reports are stressful for you or you're a perfectionist, this may help you. (1)

– Pamela Lund (@Pamela_Lund) July 7, 2020

Then we answer your questions about digital marketing in our lighting round segment:

  • Who is considering banning TikTok and other Chinese social media apps?
  • What new YouTube feature can you use to find the fastest and most dangerous way to crack a coconut?
  • When could California adopt an even stricter privacy law?
  • Where you may see Amazon ads, you return triumphantly
  • Why YouTube creators need to check their mid-roll ad settings
  • How can you use regular expressions to filter the results of Search Console reports?

We also tell you about our worst mega-bus experiences, spice preferences and where to find the best vouchers for Gucci sneakers.

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