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You make a lot of calls, but leads don't convert and agents lose track of conversations.

These are just two of the reasons any business looking to grow should get auto dialer software. It automates thousands of repetitive manual tasks – not just dialing – and optimizes everyone's experience.

This way, agents can focus entirely on customers.

Managers get real-time KPIs at a glance.

And customers will never get a 2am call again.

I say: everyone loves these products.

Here are the six main auto dialer software options on the market. They help companies revolutionize reach and connect agents with higher numbers of high-quality leads per hour.

Which one is right for you? Let's find out.

The Top 6 Options for Auto Dialer Software

  1. Phoneburner – Best for remote teams
  2. VanillaSoft – Best for outbound sales
  3. Voicent Cloud – Best standalone auto-dialer software
  4. Mojo – Best for SMB sales
  5. RingCentral – Best for Compliance
  6. Kixie – Best for local presence

How to choose the best auto dialer software for you

Auto dialers call up a list of numbers from a preset contact list. As soon as a call is answered, the auto dialer plays a pre-recorded message or routes the call to an agent.

Sounds easy.

And it is until you start thinking of multiple agents calling 70 to 80 numbers every hour.

Because of this, popular automatic dialers have additional tools that agents can use to manage contact lists, store information, and transfer traceable leads down the pipeline.

Here are the main features that you will look at when assessing your selection.

Auto dialer modes

Most providers offer multiple dialing modes and some offer the full range.

Preview the dialer Call a number as soon as an agent is ready. Information about the contact is automatically displayed on the agent's screen.

Progressive dialers Call one number at a time in a specific order. Progressive dialers hang up after a set time or leave a message and automatically call the next number in the list.

Power dialer Call more than one number at the same time and keep calling based on a call-to-agent ratio. You can configure the ratio so that the dialer increases or decreases the volume of calls based on the number of agents available.

Predictive dialers Make calls based on algorithms that minimize the chance of someone answering when an agent is not available. Essentially, they throttle call volume based on the agent's predicted availability.

There is a time and a place for each mode. Progressive dialers, for example, prevent agents from picking leads.

You will also see Smart or Smart Progressive Dialers. They always call a number, but the contact list is actively prioritized based on customer data in real time.

For example, when a customer fills out a form online, an intelligent progressive dialer puts their contact information at the top of the list and contacts the next available agent.

In-call functions

Adding new agents is much easier with in-call supervisor features such as:

  • listen: Managers can hear the call
  • whisper: Managers can speak to the agent without hearing the customer
  • Barge: Managers can join the call

Understanding the value of these features can be difficult if you've never used them before. That's okay. You can still make a good decision about what is important by putting yourself in the customer's shoes.

Warm Transfer is an in-call feature that customers love. Basically, it allows an agent to stay in touch with a customer while being transferred to another agent.

It is very easy to relay information during a hot broadcast as all three people are on the line and there is no risk of a caller being routed to nowhere.

This way, a customer doesn't have to waste time repeating information to the next person they speak to.

Workflow automation

How long does it take to wait four rings and leave a message? Too long, especially when this happens hundreds of times a day.

With live response recognition, agents are only connected to real people. That saves a lot of time.

If there is no response, an auto-dialer with voicemail drop will drop a pre-recorded message in the inbox and start dialing a new number.

That's hundreds of hours a year right there.

Within the agent dashboard, you can start ready-made workflows with a click of a button. Start a welcome email campaign, send a secure invoice, or use voice to send a recorded message to thousands of numbers at once.

So many time consuming tasks are now simple dashboard buttons that initiate highly trackable workflows.

Click. The agent is switched on for the next call.

Call recording and reporting

The auto dialer software comes with its own CRM, integrations with popular CRMs, or both.

They connect all recorded calls to specific customers and automate all conventional storage and filing tasks.

If you already use CRM software that you love, you can find an auto-dialer that integrates easily. If not, the auto-dialer software that comes with an integrated CRM or lead management system will immediately work better for you.


The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and other regulations have restricted the possibilities of telemarketers by law. In fact, robocall lawsuits can result in five-figure damage on a single call.

To meet all legal and privacy obligations, you want auto-dialer software that works behind the scenes to make sure you only call the right numbers and keep every conversation safe for you to refer to later.

The good news is, the best auto dialer software helps the companies that use it stay away from hot water.

For example, all of the products on this list have tools that you can use to ensure that you are not calling any numbers on the national Do Not Call (DNC) list.

Be aware of compliance, but don't over-emphasize. When you choose auto dialer software from the top vendors, you know you are getting a product that will keep many other companies safe.

The Different Types of Auto Dialer Software

There are two different categories of services that auto-dialer software belongs to. These are:

  • Distribution platforms
  • Contact center software

Just looking at the names of these categories you might have a good idea of ​​the type of auto-dialer software you will need.

Distribution platforms

Auto-dialer software is part of a campaign. Sales engagement platforms give you the other tools needed to effectively reach out on a large scale. Typically these are outbound dialing platforms, but some have inbound functionality.

It can be surprising how many other marketing and sales tools are included, even with basic tier subscriptions.

You may get an email autoresponder, lead generation tools, and the ability to route calls to other channels like text or chat.

There are big differences between the providers in the dialing modes, the call functions and the workflow automation. You are looking for something that is affordable on a large scale and that gives your agents the support they need.

The questions you should ask are:

  • How does this platform fit into your company's sales cadence?
  • Does it have the tools your agents need to assist customers and track them from one stage to the next?

You may find a sales pitch platform that works well for an automatic no-sale sales election campaign. You can think of fundraisers or leave recorded messages for doctor appointments.

Contact center software

Contact center software used to be referred to as “call center software,” but modern customers use phone, text, social networks, chat, and more to contact them. It is set up for incoming, outgoing or mixed contact centers that handle communication in both directions.

The auto-dialer software that comes with contact center solutions is almost identical to what you get with a sales platform. The main difference is that you will have a lot more inbound calling capabilities.

If your campaign strategy depends heavily on inbound communication, the contact center software can better complement your automatic dialer than a platform for sales activities.

Contact center software is also much better at centralizing all corporate communications in a single place. This can be important to prevent information silos.

If you don't have to worry about incoming calls and already have a tool that centralizes communication in your company, all you need for an auto-dialer software is a platform for sales activities.

When you need more, a contact center solution will best suit your needs.

# 1 – Phoneburner – Best for remote teams

Phoneburner as a company has been a 100% remote team since 2008. They know what life is like for a distributed workforce, and they have developed a platform for sales activities to suit the occasion.

New leads are automatically forwarded to the correct agent by LeadStream, Phoneburner's intelligent lead distribution system.

It's easy to use and customizable, so you can configure the system to distribute leads according to your business processes.

This is a huge time saver and a really important feature for teams where a manager isn't just a few desks away.

One of the things I really like is how easy it is for colleagues to share content like phone scripts and email templates. You can also share button configurations and instantly set up new agents with one-click workflows tailored to best practices.

Even though it is enterprise software, Phoneburner can work minutes after purchase.

The robust sales platform has everything you need, including:

  • Power and preview dialers
  • Local caller ID
  • Voicemail Drop
  • Trackable Emails
  • Native CRM
  • Over 150 integrations
  • SMS support (available as an add-on)

Pricing for Phoneburner isn't complicated. An annual subscription is $ 1,512, which is $ 126 per user per month. This is a 15% discount off the monthly price of $ 149 per user.

It's a higher sticker price than some others, but that's all you pay for.

It really offers unlimited dialing and there are no additional monthly costs – no setup fees, usage fees, or minute fees.

Administrator accounts are free unless they use automatic dialing. You receive advanced reporting functions such as leaderboards, real-time dashboards and intelligent lead distribution via a special portal.

One last thing: Phoneburner gives you as many seats as you need during your free trial. This is not typical and says a lot about how safe you are in your service.

# 2 – VanillaSoft – Best for outbound sales

VanillaSoft is a cloud-based sales platform with business-class VoIP. Start with nothing more than an internet connection and watch your sales team make better connections.

You have preview and progressive dialing modes, both of which automatically pull data from your CRM and place calls based on lead scoring and prioritization.

All the leg work is behind the scenes. Agents always speak to the highest quality leads.

In addition, the logical industry script ensures that each agent provides their customers with consistent brand information. You can create script libraries that provide guidance and tips to the agent for each stage of the conversation.

I love the foolproof calendar that lets people from any time zone make calls and schedule appointments without accidentally overlapping. Never book a demo again.

You can use the lead and sales tracking software built into VanillaSoft or integrate it with your CRM. In either case, reporting and analysis will help you optimize performance.

Quickly identify which agents are converting leads and which ones need a little more help.

Some of the other aspects of VanillaSoft that attract sales teams are:

  • Functions for in-call supervisors
  • Drop Voicemail
  • SMS and email marketing
  • Local caller ID
  • Competency-based call forwarding
  • Salesforce integration

You have everything you need to get sales reps up to speed quickly. Once they're comfortable, there are more than enough tools to help them visualize and improve their performance.

The VanillaSoft prices are divided into the basic platform and the add-on products:

  • Sales Engagement Platform: $ 100 / month for the first user, $ 80 per additional user
  • Choose: $ 30 / month per user
  • recording: $ 30 / month per user
  • VoIP: $ 33 / month per user

With an annual subscription you get discounts. You can use VanillaSoft with your existing phone lines or your VoIP provider.

This is one of the most recommended products on the market.

Why? All features are easy to use and flexible enough to work for back office, telemarketing, fundraising and more.

There's no forever free version, but VanillaSoft offers a two-week free trial for up to six users and 2,000 calls.

# 3 – Voicent Cloud – Best standalone auto-dialer software

Voicent is an auto-dialer software that can be customized to suit your situation.

Here's their offer: Get one of the best standalone automatic dialers in the world for less than $ 20 per month per user. Then add the specific services you need à la carte.

With Voicent, you choose exactly the tools that meet your specific needs. No more shopping and trying to fit into a pre-made plan.

Features like marketing automation are inexpensive add-ons in Voicent instead of being limited to an expensive premium subscription that's filled with tools you don't use.

If all you need is the auto-dialer software, rest assured that Voicent's basic plan has you covered. You get all four dialer modes (Progressive, Power, Predictive and Preview) as well as:

  • Native CRM and integrations
  • Campaign Creator
  • Rich agent dashboard
  • Ability to play audio files while speaking
  • Calls via SIP, IP-PBX and analog telephone lines.
  • DNC compliance tools

All of this and more is included in the basic plan, which starts at $ 19 / month per user with an annual subscription.

When paid monthly, it's $ 29 per user.

In addition to subscription fees, there are usage fees for Voicent, which are charged per minute depending on the calling plan:

  • 4 ¢ Plan: no credit, you pay as you go
  • 3 ¢ Plan: from 75 USD with a credit of 2,500 minutes
  • 2 ¢ Plan: from 130 US dollars with a credit of 6,500 minutes
  • 1.5 ¢ plan: from 375 USD with 25,000 minutes credit

With an annual baseline of $ 228, Voicent is extremely affordable. However, be sure to include usage fees in the total monthly cost.

Voicent Cloud only supports calls in the US and Canada, but offers on-premise software that enables global reach.

Voicent is a great solution for companies that really need solid auto-dialer functionality but don't need a full contact center or platform for sales activities.

# 4 – Mojo – Best for SMB sales

Mojo is a distribution platform that works on a copper wire infrastructure.

Agents call the Mojo platform on a landline or cell phone and it begins dialing their list. Via a browser or mobile device, they get the crisp sound of old-school phones.

Mojo can make up to 85 calls per hour with a single-line power dialer or up to 300 with a three-line power dialer. Both single and multi-line dialers are used by a single agent.

Give mojo a little titanic reach.

The built-in lead management and marketing tools make it easy to track, track, and stay organized every call. Navigable dashboards provide a clear overview of KPIs and lists of prospects, while the preview mode provides extensive customer information before each call.

Mojo helps growing businesses get the most out of every call answered. Agents can leave notes, plan follow-up actions, initiate drip campaigns and much more – all within the platform.

Some of the other great features include:

  • Drop Voicemail
  • Roving dialer (sharing licenses between team members)
  • Live answer recognition
  • Guard calling time zone
  • Leaderboard
  • Mobile caller ID

The monthly price for a single user is $ 99 for a single-line dialer and $ 149 for a three-line dialer.

I like it for small businesses because there are no hidden costs, no contracts, and no per-minute fees.

For teams, mojo pricing works like this:

  • Leading manager: $ 10 / month, you must also purchase one of the following dialer options
  • Single line dialer: $ 89 / month per license
  • Triple line dialer: $ 139 / month per license

Mojo has particularly well-developed lead generation and tracking tools for brokers who make up the majority of Mojo's clients.

However, judging from the latest reviews, it appears that a wide variety of companies are using Mojo's outbound dialing solutions.

Agents can access the Mojo platform over VoIP but may not provide the same copper wire clarity as a telephone source.

# 5 – RingCentral – Best for Compliance

RingCentral can support any communication channel and offers companies a full-service contact center solution.

They offer one of the most feature-rich autodialers on the market with progressive, predictive, and preview dialing modes.

They also offer TCPA Safe Dial, which allows businesses to call unsubscribed cell phone numbers without risking legal issues. You can also compare campaign lists with your own DNC list or use RingCentral's integration with compliance solutions from DNC.com and Gryphon Networks.

The dashboard is easy to use, so agents can quickly configure appropriate settings based on specific calls. Seamless integration with top CRM software and compliance tools ensures that agents only use the powerful auto-dialer to reach valid customers at the right time.

Since it is a complete call center software, RingCentral has a multitude of call forwarding features that are only missing for outgoing autodialers, e.g. B. real callback numbers, availability around the clock and IVR.

Other great features of RingCentral include:

  • In-call coaching functions
  • Real-time reports and analysis
  • Live answer recognition
  • Voice transmission
  • Intelligent call forwarding
  • Time zone aware technology

While the RingCentral Contact Center offers omnichannel support, it offers affordable plans that are comparable to lighter weight auto-dialers and retail platforms:

  • BasicsStarting at $ 19.99 / month per user
  • defaultStarting at $ 24.99 / month per user
  • bonusStarting at $ 34.99 / month per user
  • UltimateStarting at $ 49.99 / month per user

All plans include unlimited calls and texts in the US and Canada, plus a greater number of toll-free minutes at each level. Additional minutes are billed at 3.9 ¢ per minute.

RingCentral is a great choice for businesses that want powerful autodialing capabilities and the ability to centralize all of their communications in a single hub. Scale quickly without losing control or facing regulatory problems.

# 6 – Kixie – Best for local presence

Kixie is a cloud-based sales platform with phenomenal auto-dialer capabilities.

Deploy Kixie in minutes and teams can make secure calls anywhere in the world using the Chrome extension or mobile app.

No matter where your customers are, they will see you calling from a local number. Some options on this list have a local caller ID, which is very helpful, but Kixie's AI-assisted local presence takes it a few steps further.

First, they never falsify numbers. When a customer receives a call from a local number, they can call that number back and connect to the correct agent.

Kixie also automatically removes numbers marked as spam, taking the time-consuming task off your plate.

The end result is that Kixie's smart local presence has allowed users to increase connection rates by 500%.

Kixie also helps you connect to leads faster with its AI Auto Dialer. As soon as a new lead shows interest, Kixie puts their name at the top of the list and puts an agent in touch immediately.

Agents don't need to change the way they work to take advantage of all of these automated features. Integrate directly with tools like Pipedrive to enable click-to-call in the sales management tools already in use.

Some of the other time-saving and revenue-generating tools included in Kixie are:

  • In-call coaching functions
  • Drop Voicemail
  • IVR
  • Sales leaderboards
  • One-click integration with Salesforce, Zoho, Hubspot and more
  • Real-time reporting

Kixie offers quarterly or annual subscriptions with a 15% discount. The prices are divided into three levels.

For annual subscriptions, look for:

  • Integrated: from $ 29 / month per user
  • Companies: from $ 55 / month per user
  • Custom: Contact Kixie Sales to come up with a plan

Call minutes are billed according to the current tariffs and vary by country. You can add unlimited calling in the US and Canada for $ 30 / month per user.

The additional cost of on-site presence depends on how many different area codes you need and whether you want to include international numbers.

Kixie's customer support has a reputation for solving problems quickly, which translates into an ever-improving product over the long term.

Kixie offers a seven-day free trial for built-in and enterprise plans, and extended trials for custom plans.


Good auto-dialer software can save a sales team hours per week and possibly weeks per year.

RingCentral takes care of all communication issues and offers first class service on every channel. When it comes to auto-dialer software, they offer a robust product with multiple safeguards to avoid compliance issues.

VanillaSoft is great for outbound sales teams. High agent turnover is not a problem as it is so easy to get staff up to speed and the in-call coaching features are very strong.

Remote teams are fully set up with Phoneburner. The lead distribution system routes calls to the right agents without supervision. Agents can transfer calls quickly and easily and exchange information within the platform, which simplifies coordination in the distributed workplace.

For smaller teams, Mojo can increase the range with a few triple-line dialers. Combine this with reasonable prices and zero minute fees and you have an auto-dialer solution that is perfect for SMBs.

If you're interested in really harnessing the power of local presence, Kixie is the tool you want, although it's a really great auto-dialer no matter how you cut it.

And if you end up looking for a standalone autodialer, Voicent is the right choice for you. It's a powerful product, and you can add more features one at a time without worrying about moving up to a new price level.


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