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Think back to the last time you sat around on one of those huge, clunky fax machines.

It's probably been a while, right? While this old school hardware is undoubtedly out of date, faxing is by no means dead.

It is actually very much alive. Fortunately, we have better technology.

The best online fax services make sending secure faxes a breeze for individuals and businesses of all sizes, without the need for ugly, expensive, or tricky hardware.

However, there are dozens of providers to choose from, so making the right choice is often more difficult than actually using the service. To make your decision easier, I've narrowed it down to my six top recommendations and reviewed them.

The top 6 options for online fax services

  1. mFax – best online fax services for multiple users
  2. RingCentral Fax – premier all-in-one online fax service
  3. HelloFax – best for cloud storage integrations
  4. SRFax – the most secure online fax service
  5. FaxBurner – the best online mobile fax service
  6. Biscom 123 – the cheapest online fax service

How to choose the best online fax service for you

There are dozens of online fax service providers to choose from. Hence, it is difficult to know which one is perfect for your business, especially if you are not entirely sure what to look for.

All of the options on this list are excellent. However, they may not work for everyone.

So don't forget to consider the following factors as you go through the decision-making process to narrow things down and find the perfect fit.

Number of users

As a business, you likely need multiple user accounts. Different services have different pricing plans. Hence, it is important to consider the number of accounts you will need.

Some options can limit the number of users without getting past it. Others may offer additional user accounts with an additional monthly fee. So this plays a huge role in how much you can pay each month.

Even so, most of the smaller businesses don't have any issues with account restrictions.

However, large companies with multiple departments that require fax capabilities can run into problems with low-limit plans.

Cloud storage integrations

Most businesses rely on cloud storage tools. Whether you depend on Microsoft 365 or Google's G Suite, your employees likely use these tools on a daily basis to create and archive documents.

Therefore, it is important to consider these integrations if you and your team need to store documents that you send or receive via online fax.

This can help streamline your document management processes.

Page restrictions

Most providers charge an additional fee if you exceed the number of pages in your plan. So you need to consider your company's needs when it comes to monthly fax volume.

Many vendors set low thresholds for this to encourage you to upgrade to a better plan.

So, it's important to choose a plan that has enough pages per month, plus a reasonable fee for page overruns (just in case). However, online unlimited-plan fax services are a better option for businesses that want to send and receive high volumes every month.

Document archiving

If you are using an online fax service to send and automatically digitize documents, it should also come with the document filing system. This can significantly streamline and automate your document management processes.

Some online fax services offer online databases so that users can easily save faxes. However, some offer no archiving functionality and some do not offer any archiving functionality. Without this, you'll have to print, scan, and save everything by hand.

Which … can be an incredibly time consuming process.

So, pay close attention to this in your decision, especially if you need it now or in the future.

Industry-specific use

There are many different general purpose online fax services available. However, sometimes certain providers are more suitable for certain industries.

Healthcare is a great example of this as you deal with sensitive information and legal requirements in dealing with it. So you need a service that is secure and meets these requirements.

Healthcare isn't the only industry of its kind, however, so it's important to consider your industry's requirements and regulations before making your final decision.

The different types of online fax services

Not all online fax services are created equal.

Before we get into the reviews, let's dig into the different types of online fax services so that you know exactly what to look for as you go through the process.

Web or cloud based services

The most common online fax services are cloud or browser-based. All you have to do is create an account and you're good to go.

Web-based fax services are known for high quality faxes and ease of use.

And they often offer a wide range of cloud-based integrations with platforms like G Suite and Dropbox that make life easier when you want to archive your communications in the cloud.

Mobile fax services

With mobile fax services, users can fax directly from their smartphone. Mobile faxing is essentially as convenient and easy as taking a photo.

Plus, you don't have to wait to be at your computer or rely on team members to sit in front of a desktop to send and receive messages.

Some providers may also support desktop or web-based use, while others are mobile-only.

So keep that in mind when deciding which provider is best for you and your team.

# 1 – mFax Review – Best Online Fax Services for Multiple Users

mFax is one of the most flexible and adaptable online fax services for companies with a large number of team members. Their flexible monthly plans allow up to 50 people to use the service.

As cloud software, no programs need to be installed or downloaded. And you can easily access the mFax interface from any web browser on any device.

With an easy-to-use interface and intuitive setup, it's an excellent option for those looking to get started with their first online fax service.

mFax offers several features and benefits, including:

  • Automatic cloud storage for sent and received faxes
  • Works from any device
  • Send and receive faxes by email
  • Layered encryption for documents in transit and at rest
  • Plans for small and large businesses
  • Easy to create and manage, and set account-level permissions
  • The Print to Fax driver enables you to send a fax from a desktop for printing

mFax also has a beta version of international outbound fax for 24 countries. So you are not limited to any particular country.

Plans start at $ 7 per month for one user, making it very affordable for businesses of all sizes. You can also try mFax for free or sign up for a product demo to learn more.

# 2 – RingCentral Fax Review – Best all-in-one online fax service

RingCentral Fax is another popular online fax service. With a solid feature list, flexible user numbers, and a robust security suite, this is my first recommendation for an online fax service.

The unique fax scheduling feature makes it easy to send faxes for future delivery. This is especially useful when you need to send international faxes to users in different time zones or when you have employees who do not have standard business hours.

You also get access to a host of powerful features and benefits, including:

  • Groups of up to 50 e-mail addresses for sending faxes in one message
  • Choose between toll-free or local fax numbers
  • IOS and Android mobile applications
  • Up to 200 faxes in one online account
  • Create an electronic signature and add it to documents
  • View received and sent faxes online using a web browser
  • Send faxes securely over an encrypted Internet connection
  • Send and receive faxes from any device
  • Block faxes without a caller ID

RingCentral Fax is a great all-round option for small and large businesses who don't mind the slightly limited online fax storage (you can always save it to another location).

Plans start at $ 17.99 per month and there's an unlimited plan for just $ 24.99 per month.

# 3 – HelloFax Review – Best Online Fax Services for Cloud Storage Integration

HelloFax is the best online fax service for built-in cloud storage.

The service is seamlessly synced with G Suite, OneDrive, Dropbox and Box. Users can also access their faxes directly via the HelloFax service from any web browser on any device.

It is also very easy to use. Faxes go straight to the inbox as PDF, where they can be easily viewed, downloaded and shared.

There's also unlimited storage for businesses who don't want to use other cloud storage providers for their faxes.

With HelloFax you can:

  • Submit up to five pages for free by signing up
  • Fax quickly to pre-entered fax numbers
  • Additional faxes that exceed the monthly limit cost only 5 cents per page
  • Send faxes by email
  • Add and remove users at no additional cost
  • Send faxes to multiple recipients
  • Receive faxes with a paid plan
  • Sign in with your Google credentials

Despite the cloud integration with multiple platforms, HelloFax still offers unlimited storage space. This is ideal for businesses that want to send or receive high volume communications.

There is a free plan for up to 5 faxes per month so you can try it out for free before you invest. Most businesses will need more than that, however, and you'll need to upgrade once you reach this limit.

But their paid plans are affordable, starting at $ 9.99 per month.

# 4 – SRFax Review – The Most Secure Online Fax Services

SRFax is a great option for companies with high security concerns. The transmission of information over the Internet always carries the risk of eavesdropping.

And for certain industries like healthcare, safety is even more important.

Healthcare providers rely on faxing to transfer sensitive patient information. Therefore, the fax services they use must comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

SRFax offers multiple levels of data encryption while maintaining a user-friendly interface, making it an excellent choice for high security industries.

In addition to HIPAA compliant fax services, SRFax has multiple tiers and plans to suit all security levels and business sizes.

They also offer a variety of features and benefits to make your life easier, including:

  • 2048-bit SSL certification, 2048-bit RSA public keys and PGP encryption
  • 24-hour customer service hotline
  • Plans come with unlimited authorized email addresses
  • Automatically download incoming faxes
  • Send faxes using an email account
  • Intuitive dashboard for viewing existing faxes, sending faxes and changing settings
  • Send faxes from the online dashboard

For any company that values ​​high security, SRFax is an excellent choice.

The prices are affordable. Monthly plans start at $ 3.29 per month. Or, you can sign up for a 60-day non-health trial to try it out before you commit.

# 5 – FaxBurner Review – Best Online Mobile Fax Service

FaxBurner differs from other online fax services because of its well-designed, easy-to-use IOS and Android apps. FaxBurner makes sending faxes as easy as taking a photo and receiving them straight to your inbox.

Setup is quick and easy. In addition, the platform offers users a temporary fax number that expires after 24 hours without upgrading to a paid plan.

In addition, you get various features and benefits, including:

  • No unprofessional looking ads or watermarks on free faxes
  • Document signatures digitally
  • Create cover letters in the app
  • Integration with cloud storage apps like DropBox
  • Email to fax option
  • Scan functions for telephones

For users who need the convenience and flexibility of a mobile-first fax application, FaxBurner is my first recommendation.

Free packages offer up to 25 inbound and five outbound faxes per month. And their paid plans start at just $ 12.95 per month, which makes them incredibly affordable for most users.

# 6 – Biscom 123 Review – Cheapest Online Fax Services

If your business only needs to send faxes occasionally, Biscom 123 is an incredibly affordable option. As a leading telecommunications company, Biscom simplifies online faxing for both companies and private individuals with a clear interface.

You can also try it for free for 30 days to see if it's right for your business without the need for a credit card. However, no archive records of your communications are kept. So keep that in mind.

Depending on your faxing needs, Biscom 123 offers different plans that allow you to send up to 300 pages with support for multiple team members.

You can also:

  • Easily add up to four users in addition to the main account holder
  • Send email faxes with just a few clicks
  • Fax from Android and IOS mobile applications
  • Integrate with Google Drive
  • Send multiple file formats and rich text formats for text faxes
  • Saves incoming PDF files to your email inbox
  • No limitation on file size or number of documents

Prices start at $ 7.99 per month. This entry-level plan is 30 pages per month with a fee of 7 cents per additional page. So it certainly won't break the bank.


mFax and RingCentral are my first choice for most users. They are incredibly affordable and accessible to most businesses. They also have a wide variety of features to make your life easier.

However, this does not mean that they are suitable for everyone in every situation.

So don't forget to consider the factors we talked about and get free trials as you go through the process of choosing the best online fax services for you and your team.

Which company do you send online faxes with?


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