If you've worked as a partner for a long time, you've probably heard of ad networks.

If not, then stick with it!

This article will tell you exactly what ad networks are and why you need one to advertise your offerings.

We'll look at the different types of cost models, as well as the targeting options and advertising media that you can use for your campaigns.

We’re also reviewing some of the best ad networks available to advertisers and publishers to help you get high quality, affordable traffic in any niche, and of course make money!

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You may also be interested in which ad networks currently work for affiliate campaigns.

So we're going to focus more on this aspect of the business than how brand advertisers or publishers use ad networks to promote their services through campaign goals.

We will continue to focus on how you can use ad networks to turn traffic into your offerings, be it email or a competition, cost per installation, new user registration or something else.

What are ad networks and why do you need one?

For newbies to the game, the number of ad networks available can be overwhelming.

You may be wondering where to start or how to get rid of the noise to find golden opportunities.

However, this has not always been the case.

While ad networks have always existed in one form or another, things were much simpler and far less competitive before the online business model we were familiar with.

The best way to illustrate this is in the world of printing.

Publishers of magazines and other printing materials have special advertising sections, e.g. B. Full, half, or front envelope slots that you can purchase to advertise your offers.

This usually includes booking your ad space in advance upon publication and paying a fixed ad space fee for the duration of the print run.

Of course, this is an excessive simplification of the process, but it serves to clarify the point that booking advertising space in a publication is a relatively simple matter.

But what happens when you consider a website with more than 1 million daily impressions and multiple ad slots on each page, including additional formats like rich media, pop-unders, and native or contextual links?

Suddenly our simple business model is no longer manageable.

While the publisher can fill their premium ad slots in the traditional way, by selling ad space through a direct sales team or programmatically, the publisher still needs to have a large amount of unsold inventory that is not being filled.


This remaining inventory consists of non-premium impressions, which are typically sold as packaged impressions to the highest bidder.

And this is where ad networks come in!

At its base level, an advertising network connects buyers and sellers in an online marketplace by combining supply and demand.

You are responsible for purchasing residual inventory from the publisher and distributing this inventory to advertisers through impressions.

They essentially act as an intermediary between supply and demand.

A publisher can even use two or more premium ad networks to fill all of the remaining inventory available that isn't filled by direct sales, and use a residual inventory provider like AdWords to ensure that all impressions are filled.

This approach is called a waterfall and ensures that the inventory is sold at the highest available price.

Today we are far from the beginnings of digital advertising networks in the 90s.

Ad networks can now use today's technology to target users based on interests, behaviors, GEOs, and more.

Impressions are delivered through RTB platforms that provide inventory to advertisers on an auction basis, competing in real time with other advertisers for ad space.

So let's take a look at what business models exist in advertising networks and how you can use them to optimize your own advertising campaigns and achieve these hefty profits!

Advertising business models

Ad network technology advances weren't just on the publisher side.

It was also about delivering so much value to advertisers when choosing their placements and maximizing the value of their advertising spend.

This is great news for affiliate marketers as they open up a whole world of potential to reach their target audience with tempting offers.

But before we get to that, you've probably seen acronyms like CPM, CPC, CPV, PPV, etc., and you may be wondering which cost model is right for you.

Well, the answer is, it depends!

While a CPM cost model (cost-per-mile or thousand) is most commonly used, it doesn't necessarily work for your offers.


Well, because you don't always want to pay for impressions.

Let me explain.

CPM campaigns give you 1,000 fixed price impressions.

This now depends on the ad network and campaign targeting options.

This means that since you don’t pay for clicks, you can get fantastic ROI, provided your impressions get a high click rate.

With the CPC model, you only pay each time someone clicks on your ad.

This is often better for CPA partners because you don’t take the risk of spending too much on your campaign – and only pay for clicks to your lander.

However, some targeting options are only available with a CPM cost model – and vice versa.

You can also find networks with a CPL or CPA cost model, which is also great for partners because it fits directly into their campaign goals.

With this cost model, you bid on actions that the user performs on your landing page so that you only pay for the converted traffic.

Ideally, you'd like your ads to appear on networks where both options are available so that you can test which ones are best for your offers and which ones are cheapest for your campaigns.

Ad networks with powerful targeting capabilities

One of the best things about ad networks as we know them today is that you have full control not only of the price level of your ads, but also of the placement and targeting options.

It is particularly interesting for affiliate marketers!

The ability to address specific target groups for various advertising campaigns and to select categories such as age, gender, GEOs, devices, etc. is a real game changer for partners.

Part of the purpose of an ad network is to provide data to the publisher so they can track which placements are fully used, which generate the most clicks, and which audiences are being targeted.

However, the same data is also available to advertisers. This targeting potential that ad networks offer is so attractive for affiliate marketers.

As ad networks continue to provide more valuable services to publishers, they go beyond their role as just an option to replenish inventory and become an additional source of premium traffic for publisher websites.

This expansion of their services offers their partners so much additional potential that they can find incredibly lucrative ad slots at extremely competitive prices.

What advanced targeting options can partners benefit from?

Depending on your ad network, there are a number of features that you can use to set up your campaign targeting.

Types of targeting

Here are the main targeting options you'll find on ad networks:

  • GEO
  • platform
  • device
  • carrier
  • Publisher domains
  • keywords
  • Time
  • Browser / operating system
  • Retargeting
  • Categories
  • audience
  • Interests
  • Age
  • gender

In addition, some ad networks may allow all websites to appear on the network (RON), or you may target certain publisher domains to serve your ads that are not category-specific (ROS).

Next, you want to set your budget and frequency limit for the campaign.

The network then makes it easier to run the campaign through network tags placed on the publisher's website.

This technology also allows you to rotate banners to display them within the targeting options you choose and split your ads to find the best-performing creatives for your campaign.

Finally, an ad network provides a convenient reporting and measurement platform that you can use to assess your costs and engagement.

And that along with the many channels on which you can advertise, including display, video, mobile, social, search, pop, native and push advertising campaigns, each with its own targeting options.

So if you have a campaign that you run on native ad networks, you can try it on push ad networks and vice versa to see which one works best for your offer.

You'll also need to split your campaigns by trying different targeting options for your creatives to determine which ones will help or hinder your progress.

Ad networks provide you with a central platform to analyze your data across multiple publishers and generate reports for the campaign to identify strengths and weaknesses.

If you find that a specific creative with a specific traffic source is performing well for your target audience, you can stop showing the ads that don’t produce your results and focus more advertising on ads with a high click-through rate.

You can find more tips and tricks for running profitable campaigns in the Mobidea Academy.

Here is the list of the best ad networks for advertisers and publishers.

List of the best ad networks for internet marketers

1. PropellerAds

Propeller shops

Ad formats: Push, pop, native, interstitial.

Bidding model: CPM, CPV

Minimum deposit: $ 100

Targeting: GEO, platform, operating systems, device types, connection type, mobile network providers and ISPs, zone restriction, day parting (including time zone), frequency limitation, browser, browser language, anti-ad block zones, slice restrictions (only for CPA campaigns), user activity, retargeting Groups, broker traffic.

Description: PropellerAds is a good choice for new and experienced partners. It offers countless targeting options and has a smart rotator that helps you find the best performing ads for your push campaigns. The auto-optimization features save a lot of time and the ad creation process is easy to use with excellent reporting data built in.

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Ad formats: Native (video, header widget, under article widget, sidebar widget)

Bidding model: CPC

Minimum deposit: $ 100

Targeting: GEO, browser, language, devices and operating systems

Description: MGID has a reputation for being one of the most powerful native partner ad networks. They have very knowledgeable and helpful customer advisors. While traffic isn't the cheapest, you can find a lot of up-converting traffic on the platform using the advanced targeting features.

To learn more about this ad network, read our full MGID review or check out our list of the best native ad networks.

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3rd Adcash

Ad formats: Native, display, pop, push, interstitial

Bidding model: CPC, CPA goal, CPM

Minimum deposit: $ 100

Targeting: GEO, SSPs, user interests, keywords, website categories, operating systems, devices, browsers, browser language, connection types, zones, network operators, Internet service providers (ISPs)

Description: Adcash offers a state-of-the-art DSP with advanced internal advertising technology and one of the broadest targeting options in the industry.

The platform enables you to create targeted global campaigns in multiple ad formats through a single user interface. You can also access over 200 leading SSPs and Adcash's exclusive publishers to reach a global audience on any device at any time. With Adcash, you can centralize all of your media buying activities on a single platform and optimize all of your traffic sources in one place.

Adcash is also fighting ad fraud heavily, saving over $ 11.8 million in advertising budgets in 2018 thanks to its anti-fraud technology.

Last but not least, Adcash's automatic bidding technology CPA Target helps partners to save time and money. This means that manual bid adjustments, blacklisting and whitelist traffic sources are no longer required – the CPA Target bidding solution does it for you!

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4th RichPush

Ad formats: to press

Bidding model: CPC, CPM

Minimum deposit: $ 100

Targeting: GEOs (country, region, city), operating system, device, browser, browser language, ISP, time, new subscribers, IP, subscriber list, publisher, site, site section, connection type, carrier

Description: RichPush is an ad network that specializes in push traffic. With more than 450 million users, it is one of the largest push traffic sources in the world.

In their network, India, Brazil, Mexico and the United States are the top GEOs with large volumes. Top industries are sweepstakes, nutra, gambling, dating, app installations.

You can check the latest statistics yourself using the RichPush Insights dashboard.

You'll find cool features like Smart CPC that use advanced machine learning to lower your cost per click as much as possible without experiencing significant conversion losses, or micro bidding for those who want to manually optimize their campaigns for maximum accuracy and performance.

Each advertiser receives a personal account manager and can ask for tips, motives, network information (e.g. which industries have recently performed best in certain GEOs), etc.

RichPush is suitable for both newbies and professional media buyers.

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5. Clickadu


Ad formats: Push, Video / Pre-Roll, Popunder, Push, Banner

Bidding model: RTB, CPM, SmartCPM, SmartCPA

Minimum deposit: $ 100

Targeting: GEO, operating system, device, connection type, mobile operator, browser, IP, single zones, schedule, black and whitelists

Description: If you have pop traffic for your offers, Clickadu is definitely worth a look. The user interface is very easy to use and the team offers first class support.

It has the added benefit of having CPA and CPL pricing models, so you only pay for converted traffic while optimizing your audience lists in your ads

Read our Clickadu report here.

6. Zeropark


Ad formats: Push, pop, domain

Bidding model: CPV, Smart eCPA, CPC

Minimum deposit: $ 200

Targeting: RON, Keywords, Destination / Source, GEO, Countries, Cities, Language, Device, Frequency, Time Based, Adult

Description: If you need more volume for your offers, you are in good hands with Zeropark. We particularly like the demo feature, which allows you to view all of the account features before committing to a campaign. The homepage traffic calculator is also a nice touch.

Depending on the ad format, you will find different targeting options and cost models. This allows you to gradually optimize your campaign for the highest performing traffic.

Read our Zeropark Review here.

7. EvaDav


Ad formats: Push notifications, native

Bidding model: CPC

Targeting: GEO, operating system, browser, language, time of day, ISP, target groups, frequency limitation

Description: EvaDav is extremely easy to use and newbies quickly get the hang of it to get their campaign up and running in seconds. But don't be fooled by the simplicity of the platform!

With a global reach of 250 GEOs and 10 billion monthly push notifications, as well as premium ad inventory slots, EvaDav is a good source of high conversion traffic and a force to be reckoned with!

8. Adsterra

Ad formats: Popunder, Push, Banner, Direktlink, Native Ads, Vast (Video), Social Bar, Interstitials

Bidding model: CPM, CPA, CPI (PPI), CPC, CPL, CPO, RTB

Minimum deposit: $ 100

Targeting: GEO, operating systems, device formats, connection type, traffic type, mobile operator, zone limit, days of the week, time range, frequency limit, browser, browser language, anti-ad block zones, IP range, user activity, retargeting target groups, broker traffic.

Description: Adsterra is a world-famous advertising network with a partner care approach that delivers over 30 billion ad impressions per month worldwide.

Adsterra works with 12K + direct publishers and 8K + brands, affiliates, media agencies and ad networks that address mainstream and non-mainstream industries.

The service offers a quick start thanks to quick approval and a three-step security check. Advertisers can choose between an intuitive self-service platform with automated onboarding and live chat support, or working through a personal manager

Adsterra offers you a wide range of payment methods: Paxum, WebMoney, Bitcoin, Bank Transfer, Capitalist, Yandex Money, Visa / Mastercard, Bitcoin, PayPal and Bank Transfer.

9. RUNative

Ad formats:Native, push notifications, banners

Bidding model:CPC, CPM, dCOM

Minimum deposit:$ 100

Targeting:Country, region, languages, devices, operating systems, browsers, carriers, IP areas

description: RUNative is a unique, fully self-contained advertising network with high quality global traffic and exclusive native and powerful push notification placements. Your premium traffic sources are a perfect match for your dating, gaming, gambling and Nutra offers! The technology developed by RUNative delivers over a billion ad impressions every day, ensuring the highest conversions

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10th PopAds


Ad formats: pop

Bidding model: CPM

Minimum deposit: $ 10

Targeting: Site Quality, Frequency Limit, Prime Spot, Throttling, Category, Country, Population, Device, Connection, Time Based, Website, Adscore Validation

Description: PopAds may not be the nicest interface on this list, but what it lacks in the user interface more than makes up for with its advanced traffic and targeting options.

You will find traffic prediction algorithms and advanced report filters that allow you to control your advertising spend and deliver high conversion traffic to your offers.

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11. PlugRush


Ad formats: Pop, display, native

Bidding model: CPC

Minimum deposit: $ 10

Targeting: Target group (adults & mainstream), delivery, countries, languages, orientation, operating system, browser, connection type, frequency limit, time of day, whitelists and blacklists

Description: PlugRush is an advertising exchange that webmasters and adult partners will love. Optimize your campaign with advanced filters and automated rules and sit back and watch the traffic break in!

Read our PlugRush review here and check out our list of the best adult ad networks.

12th. Mobidea Push

Mobidea Push

Ad formats: Push ads

Bidding model: CPC

Minimum deposit: $ 50

Targeting: Category, country, network, network operator, device, operating system, cities, languages, time-based, frequency, target group.

Description: Take your push campaigns to the next level with Mobidea Push. With simple campaign creation and high quality push traffic from over 20 top providers, this is a platform that appeals to partners who are serious about getting the best for their money!

It can also be seamlessly integrated with Mobidea partners so you can choose your offers and then switch to Mobidea Push to buy traffic. It's that easy!

But make no mistake, this is a network where experienced partners are equally at home and have numerous tools to take your campaigns to the next level.

Read our Mobidea Push Guide here.

13. MegaPush


Ad formats: to press

Bidding model: CPC

Minimum deposit: $ 100

Targeting: GEOs, operating system, platform, country, browser, ISP

Description: MegaPush is a fresh and lively push notification advertising network with numerous functions and high traffic volume.

You can get push traffic from as little as $ 0.001 per click. There's also a built-in tracker that lets you take control of every aspect of your campaigns.

The user interface is well designed and easy to use. The 12 million clicks per day works well for all types of CPA offerings.

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14. DatsPush


Ad formats: Phone push, web push, rich push

Bidding model: CPC

Minimum deposit: $ 50

Targeting: Web / mobile, geo, carrier / IP, browser / platform, black / white lists, source / target group

Description: DatsPush is a fairly new network, but it has set a high standard for other self-sufficient ad platforms. It is a platform created by affiliates for affiliates.

You can target 250 countries in 120 GEOs with low bids, high quality traffic and daily payouts. It is becoming a popular platform for CPA marketers in all major industries.

Publishers also benefit from a CPA or Revshare model, which makes it one of the most attractive platforms, regardless of whether you're at the end of the spectrum's demand or supply.

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15. SelfAdvertiser


Ad formats: Domain channel, pop

Bidding model: PPV, PPC

Targeting: RON, keyword, operating system, browser, device, mobile operator and more.

Description: SelfAdvertiser takes a unique approach to bidding for pop traffic by comparing your keywords to domains the user is in, and then displaying your pops in domains related to your keyword search terms. Campaigns are automatically optimized in real time. With 75 million daily impressions, you can be sure that you’re not short of volume.

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16. ExoClick

Exo click

Ad formats: Push notifications, email clicks, interstitial ads, billboard banners, large footer, in-video banners, native interstitial, native exit, native recommendations, display banners, sticky banners, popunder, instant messaging, video banners, video Pre-roll, direct links

Bidding model: CPC

Minimum deposit: $ 200

Targeting: Keyword, IP range, language, GEO, context, browser, operating system, device, mobile operator, location, frequency limit, day division

Description: There are few ad networks that can match ExoClick for ad formats, targeting options, or performance.

With over 212 billion ad impressions and precise targeting and cost control of your campaigns, ExoClick is a giant of a network with advanced tools for reputable advertisers. State-of-the-art technology, real-time bidding, and excellent security and tracking implementation are perfectly developed and give advertisers access to a rich source of high quality traffic at affordable prices.

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17. AdMaven


Ad formats: Push notifications, full screen ads, direct link, lightbox, intermediate ads, banners

Bidding model: CPC, CPM, CPA, CPI, CPL, CPS

Minimum deposit: $ 50

Targeting: Operating system, browser and browser version, blacklist / whitelist domains based on push traffic and sub-ID based on pop traffic, mobile ISP, carrier via GEO, 3G / Wifi, weekday, certain hours of the day

Description: AdMaven offers multiple ad formats and large volume for partners who are serious about finding high volume and high conversion traffic for their offers. With a focus on compliant ads and over 10 years of experience, AdMaven remains the self-service platform to beat in 2019!

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18th PopCash


Ad formats: Popunder

Bidding model: CPM, CPC

Minimum deposit: $ 5

Targeting: GEOs, devices, operating systems, network operators, browsers and additional user-defined parameters.

Description: The minimum deposit of $ 5 is a nice feature and gives new partners the opportunity to try out their campaigns on a budget. That being said, it's not the cheapest traffic you can buy.

So don't expect $ 5 to go far, although traffic quality is good and usually results in a click-through rate. Popunder traffic tends to work better in some industries than in others. So if you use vouchers, pin submits, games of chance, dating or Nutra, you should definitely try them out!

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19. TrafficStars

Ad formats: Banners, popunder, push notifications

Bidding model: CPM, CPC, cPMV (cost per mille view) and CPM (dynamic cost per thousand)

Targeting: Country, language, category, operating system, device, browser, network operator and IP range.

Description: If you want to reach millions of users from high quality traffic sources every day, take a closer look at TrafficStars.

They are industry leaders in technology and traffic monetization and have some future-oriented cost models based on the value of impressions that ensure high visibility of your ads.

20. TrafficFactory

Traffic factory

Ad formats: Ad, pop, context

Bidding model: CPC, CPM

Targeting: GEO, devices, carriers, category, banners and more.

Description: TrafficFactory offers first-class GEO targeting and is the premium network for high-quality traffic.

Since the TrafficFactory guarantees you first-class placements, it is important to focus on the GEOs that give your offers high conversion traffic in order to achieve a positive ROI.

21. TrafficForce

Traffic forces

Ad formats: Show banners, popunder, pre-roll video, push

Bidding model: CPM

Targeting: GEO (country / region), device type, operating system, browser, network operator, IP range, connection speed

Description: TrafficForce is ideal for web and mobile traffic and campaign management. They also operate a supply-side platform that connects to more than 100 demand-side partners and enables programmatic buying and real-time bidding on 15 billion impressions per month. This makes them one of the most versatile ad networks on this list.

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With all the recent adserving technology advancements, advertisers have never had a better time to get involved.

As new technologies keep coming, things are only getting better.

The ability to control your pricing structure and use an affordable bid strategy for your ads, as well as laser-guided segmentation have made ad networks an essential tool for partners.

The advantages of advertising networks far outweigh the alternatives for contacting publishers directly.

All you have to do is deposit your money, set your campaign goals and targets, load your creatives, and watch how the money comes in!

OK, creating a profitable campaign may not be that easy, but the process itself is fairly simple and so easy for newbies to find their way around.

With so many ad networks in direct competition, you'll often find ad networks that specialize in a particular area, such as: B. Notifications for adults, pops or push notifications.

It is your job as a partner to leverage the strengths of the ad network to find out which campaigns for your offer produce powerful campaigns.

It is possible to start with a relatively small deposit amount in most of the networks on this list and to test the quality of the traffic.

Once you've gained a little more experience, start scaling, looking at additional traffic sources, and comparing the performance statistics of each campaign.

You may be surprised by the results.




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