For many, the manual actions in Google Search Console seem to be disappearing. This isn't a magic trick, instead it seems like some kind of bug. Google hasn't confirmed it yet, but I've been seeing numerous reports of complaints from SEOs over the past 24 hours or so.

If you looked up your manual actions in the Google Search Console and you had a few yesterday, you may not have them today. It should say "No problems detected" even if you know you are having problems.

Here are some screenshots and complaints about this bug on Twitter:

@ Rustybrick
Definitely bug!
3 of my manual actions only disappeared a few hours ago! I did not send a re-verification request or email from the search console!

– Onnorokom Manush (@RealOnnorokom) November 18, 2020

Did Google screw it up again? It seems that all manual actions were gone yesterday – don't get too excited, I am sure they will be back within 48 hours.

– Rick Lomas (@ricklomas) November 19, 2020

Just created a site: look for the site in the screenshot above. You were dealing with a pure spam penalty and have been de-indexed. No pages are yet displayed on the site for this site: Search.

I suspect this is a GSC bug. But we will see!

– Marie Haynes (@Marie_Haynes) November 18, 2020

Exactly the same thing happened to us. Also yesterday.

– Bartosz Góralewicz (@bart_goralewicz), November 19, 2020

There is definitely something going on. @ DylanAdamek1 just reviewed some of our manual actions clients, all of which do not show any current manual actions.

But nobody has a message that the action has been removed.

– Marie Haynes (@Marie_Haynes) November 18, 2020

So don't celebrate if you don't see any manual actions in Google Search Console – they may have only temporarily disappeared due to an error.

Google's Daniel Waisberg, who works with the Search Console team, said he was looking into this:

Check something …

– Daniel Waisberg (@danielwaisberg), November 19, 2020

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