Helen Schifter on spiritual growth in a social media world

Helen Schifter on spiritual growth in a social media world

After decades of practice, Helen Lee Schifter has finally shared why growing with the Zen Buddhist practice made her the remarkable woman she is today. This prestigious practice has helped her in unimaginable ways. Helen is a calm, collected and loved woman who believes that everyone should find their zen.

Zen Buddhism dates back to the Tang Dynasty and is based on the idea that finding the meaning of life through one's own mind produces enlightenment. Given her immense knowledge of the subject, Helen Schifter has spiritually evolved using Zen Buddism to rival the stresses of working on Wall Street while sketching on her crunchbase. She claims it has many mental health benefits. Some of them include the ability to let go of negative feelings, stressors, worries much more easily. The purpose of meditation is to lower blood pressure and stabilize the mind so that it can be progressive. Schifter was the first to share her spiritual journey because it enabled her to overcome her own difficulties. As beautiful as Zen sounds are, it's a lot harder than it looks. Schifter explains that being a student wasn't easy at first.

“Spiritual growth has been fulfilled, but it takes years of practice. Becoming a completely peaceful person doesn't happen overnight. You need to be committed and aware that challenges will arise on your journey. “- Helen Schifter

There are many therapeutic aspects of Zen that also contributed to Helen's growth. Helen was trained in tea ceremonies with her Sensei. This benefits her physically, as teas, especially green tea, contain antioxidants. She visits the Urasenke Chanoyu Center in New York City to expand her knowledge in Chanoyu, Bon Ryaku Temae, Usucha Temae, Furo, and Ro Hirademae. These beautiful and elitist ceremonies take a lot of practice to perfect, but in the end they help bring stability and calm to all participants.

As Helen's spiritual growth skyrocketed, she decided to push herself to new limits. She enrolled in NYU: School of Professional Studies. With such a limitless mindset, she decided to study creative writing and poetry. If she hadn't spent hours mediating, finding inner peace, and doing philanthropic work, she would never have had such an opportunity. With her success at NYU: SPS she became an editor / writer for Vogue US, Mademoiselle, Self, Glamor, Homestyle and many more publishers. As anyone can imagine, working under such a spotlight for such large companies has been stressful. The pressure to come up with creative and compelling work was incredible. However, since she always had the pillars of her spirituality with her, she became unstoppable.

Because of stress and anxiety, it is very easy to keep track of moments. Sometimes negative thoughts can be draining, and helplessness goes without saying. However, with Zen Buddhism, this mentality is slowly beginning to change. Living in the present and accepting the beauty of the unknown is paramount. Helen asks, “When was the last time you remembered really trying your food? When did you let your mind amplify the aromas pulsing through your mouth? ". By this she means that we as humans are always in a hurry. Even during a pandemic, there is always something to be achieved or to be achieved as quickly as possible. That being said, we rarely take the time to appreciate the little things. Helen emphasizes that even the taste of food is critical to being a successful person who slows down to meditate or appreciate.

As important as appreciating food is, it's about appreciating as much humanly as possible. Schifter has always been so grateful for her upbringing and contributes to society in many positive ways. With Zen Buddism she has become more humble, selfless and progressive. Her goals and aspirations are to spread how her spirituality has affected her so that in some way she can reach someone who is struggling.

“When I can help at least one person find peace and pleasure, I feel completely fulfilled. With the influence that Zen Buddism has had on me, I hope to share my spirits with those who want to find themselves in a higher quality. “–Helen Schifter

Your insights into finding peace and quiet can be especially useful for those who are currently unemployed, looking for work, or having financial problems. Given the uncertainty of our future, it is important to be grateful for what is already there in our lives. Becoming zen can be the first step in reducing stress and becoming happy.


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