New apps for Instagram stories pop up every day, which means that stories just keep getting more creative, interactive, and engaging!

It makes sense; With Over 500 million active users per dayBrands want to improve their Instagram stories to connect with their followers, drive traffic to their profile, and take back control of their reach.

Fortunately, it's now easier than ever Create high quality Instagram stories Content – All you have to do is exit the Instagram app for extra help!

With the help of Instagram Stories apps, you can create high quality, cohesive stories that your audience will love to come back with!

While there are thousands to choose from, the Later team has compiled a list of the top apps for Instagram Stories:

  1. about
  2. Storyluxe
  3. Unfold
  4. Seen: Stories Maker
  5. Later
  6. InShot
  7. Mojo
  8. Canva
  9. Adobe Spark
  10. Film
  11. Patternator
  12. Tezza app
  13. CutStory
  14. A design kit
  15. VCSO
  16. Life lapse
  17. Magisto
  18. Clipomatic

While Instagram Stories design apps make life a lot easier (let's face it: Photoshop can be overwhelming!), It still takes some time to navigate through new apps and learn all of their tips and tricks.

That's why we put this guide together! From creating stop-motion graphics at the push of a button to animated Instagram stories and video retouching, we have an app with which you can make your posts shine.

And if that's not enough, we got down to the details of some of our favorites from this list in our Instagram Stories for Business course! With quick and easy videos to watch in your spare time, you'll learn all of the industry tips for creating great Instagram stories.

We chat about everything Instagram Stories related and how you can nail your design down with the help of apps, templates, and a little creative flair. Log in now to see – it's free!

Apps for Instagram Stories # 1: Over for great text graphics

Whether you want to share tips, inspirational quotes, or add a creative touch to your campaign: about is a great Instagram Stories app that lets you put text and graphics on your photos and videos!

Over has a variety of photos, fonts, graphics, templates, and tools to choose from to help you create quality branded content.

Using Instagram stories templates is one of the easiest ways to update your stories, and Over makes it easy to add a little movement to your perfectly branded content.

Over's stock video library contains tons of different animations to help bring your creation to life.

Whether you choose a template or start over; The possibilities seem endless. Your loyal community even has one #bestofover Hashtag to use for inspiration from other developers if you ever feel stuck!

Are you looking for step-by-step instructions? Watch this video to learn how to create stunning Instagram stories for your feed. Submit for free how quick and easy this can be:

Do you feel inspired? We teamed up with Over to share the 10 graphic design trends that will be HUGE on Instagram in 2021 – it has everything you need to stay one step ahead of the curve!

Free download: iOS & Android

Apps for Instagram Stories # 2: Storyluxe for eye-catching content

The latest Instagram Stories template app to grab users' attention is the new Storyluxe app.

The app includes a variety of dynamic Instagram story templates including Polaroid and instant film templates, neon, floral and many more. It is known for having the most updated and creative templates available:

ICYMI: We partnered with Storyluxe to create a brand new range of Instagram Stories templates designed specifically for our users!

First, choose a template from one of the packages and add your photos and videos.

Next, you can enhance your story with Storyluxe's ​​filters, background textures, and colors to match your Instagram aesthetic.

Free download: iOS ($ 2.99 / month for a premium subscription)

Are you ready to take your Instagram stories to the next level? Just click below to download the Storyluxe app and access the templates:

Apps for Instagram Stories # 3: Unfold for Clean and Minimalist Templates

Using Instagram stories templates is one of the easiest ways to update the content of your stories!

A number of templates for your Instagram Stories can help you create cohesive content that aligns with your brand as a whole.

If you are unfamiliar with creating or using templates in Adobe Photoshop, you can help create templates on your phone the Unfold App for Instagram Stories.

Unfold exploded on stage this year with its library of clean and modern templates. It's one of the most popular Instagram story template apps now!

Apps for Instagram Stories: Unfold

You can recognize Instagram Stories with filmstrips, polaroid, and minimalist borders by the posts of your favorite Instagrammers:

Instagram Story Apps: Unfold Collage Vintage


A firm favorite with Later & # 39; s Content Marketer, Jill Warren, Unfold has everything you need to make your stories stand out:

"From crisp, clean frames to cute, layered Polaroids, there is a template for every brand to get creative with. And best of all, it's very easy to use. So you don't have to be a professional designer to get started. so your stories look good on the next level, ”says Jill.

Plus! You can preview your story in "Story Mode" and see how your stories will appear on Instagram before you hit the "Post" button.

If you're looking for a quick and easy way to give your Instagram stories a more cohesive look, Unfold is soon to be your favorite app!

Free download: iOS & Android

Apps for Instagram Stories # 4: Seen: Stories Maker for dynamic and animated stories

If you want to add professional-level animation to your Instagram stories, Seen is full of nifty and seamless transitions!

With Lakes, you can easily create slides that have smooth, animated, and engaging transitions between each 15-second post. This will engage your audience and make them less likely to eavesdrop on your posts.

Best Instagram Story Design Apps

Lakes also has animated text options that you can use to bring your posts to life and make even a simple product photodynamic and engaging.

Free download: iOS (Note: Premium membership is required to unlock certain templates and transitions.)

Instagram Stories Apps # 5: Later To Plan Your Instagram Stories Content

Posting on Instagram stories regularly is key to building an audience and increasing your views. You can schedule your stories just as you would schedule other social posts in your content calendar.

Instead of creating new stories every day, you can now add your photos and text directly to yours Instagram Stories Scheduler!

By planning your content ahead of time, you can make sure you are posting consistently and keeping an eye on your followers.

It also gives you the chance to get a bird's eye view of the design and content of your stories. You'll never share a post outside of the brand again!

All you have to do is drag and drop your stories onto the storyboard tool and then rearrange them so they are in the order and look you want.

Next, you can add links or captions to your scheduled stories that will be copied to your phone as you post.

When it's time to post, you'll get a notification on your phone. Once you open the notification, your stories will be downloaded to your phone and subtitles or links will be copied to your clipboard so you can post Instagram stories in seconds.

Scheduling Instagram stories is one of the best things you can do Grow your business on Instagram in 2021!

Free download: Is later free to use, but you have to Upgrade to a paid plan Plan stories.

Apps for Instagram Stories # 6: InShot to add a background to your photos and videos

Always wanted to post a video but it wasn't the right size?

The InShot Video Editor is a photo and video editing app specially designed to match your content perfectly with an Instagram Stories post (or other video platform!).

Before starting your project, all you need to do is select "Canvas" to adjust the size for Instagram Stories:

Apps for Instagram Stories: InShot

The InShot video editor will take your existing video and allow you to change it to different aspect ratios. You can resize it and just crop it to fit Instagram stories – which can be a serious challenge sometimes!

You can also place your video on a background. Choose a solid color background in the app or upload a picture from your device.

This means your great footage will never be wasted – and you can easily share it with your followers on Instagram Stories!

Free download: iOS & Android

Instagram Stories Apps # 7: Mojo for Dynamic Instagram Stories Videos

Add Animation for Instagram Stories is a great way to create eye-catching content, and animation is a hot new trend right now!

Mojo app has everything you need to create stunning video stories.

The app has hundreds of animated templates for all types of content that you post. Mojo's templates are also fully customizable – making it easy for you to crop, crop, add effects, titles, animations, change speeds, colors, and more!

Using Mojo's animated templates and either videos or still photos, you can create engaging Instagram stories for your profile. This is especially useful when you want to present a blog post or highlight text content in your feed.

@ Note! Some of our favorite video editing apps that we use on social networks. ## socialmediamanager ## learnfromme ## sidehustlecheck ♬ Juicy – Doja Cat

Plus, you can add custom fonts to Mojo! So you will never be out of brand and can seamlessly align all of your Instagram Stories creative resources in one place!

Best Instagram Video Editing Apps: Mojo

Free download: iOS

There are tons of new Instagram story apps out there that make it easier than ever to animate stories with just a few clicks! Check out our favorites list here.

Instagram Stories Apps # 8: Canva for customizable templates that fit your brand aesthetic

Canvas mobile app is another super easy way to create beautiful Instagram Stories templates – and gives users creative flexibility.

From designing your own templates from scratch to customizing fonts, images, colors, and layouts, you have the option to make these your own.

There are numerous ready-made templates to choose from for Instagram Stories. You can customize your template with millions of background options, 130 different fonts, and tons of graphics to create branded templates for your business:

Once you've created your Canva template, there is an easy way to maintain a consistent brand aesthetic across your Instagram stories!

Creating branded Instagram story templates will save you time and give you a consistent presence across your stories, posts, and across the company. And the best news – no graphic design experience is required!

Stock photos on Instagram: Shutterstock and Canva examples

Photography by (left to right):, Evgeniya Porechenskaya, DODOMO. Available from Shutterstock. Images made with Canva.

Free download: iOS & Android

Apps for Instagram Stories # 9: Adobe Spark Post for creating text graphics on the go

While Adobe is most commonly known for its professional editing software, Adobe Spark Post makes it easy for anyone to create graphics on the go with no design skills required.

Instagram story apps: Adobe Spark Post

Adobe Spark Post is an easy way to improve the design of your Instagram Stories. With text animation, you can create engaging videos with motion graphics for your stories with just a tap.

Choose from thousands of professionally designed templates and modify the content as you wish. You can even easily apply your logo, fonts and brand colors.

This Instagram Stories app is completely free and allows you to create high quality branded stories in just minutes!

Free download: iOS & Android

Apps for Instagram Stories # 10: Film for Trending Video Editing

Born from a collaboration between Instagram giants Zoella and A nice mess Filmm is one of the newest apps on the scene.

With +100 filters and effects to choose from, movie-inspired frames and templates, multiple clip editing, and royalty-free audio tracks built into the app, it's easy to see why this is quickly becoming a go-to place for Instagram Stories videos and changes.

If you love the "vintage tech" trend, this is the app for you. With just a few taps, you can turn your mobile footage into a dreamy old-school showreel for Instagram stories.

Free download: iOS (With the option to unlock additional features for a Filmm + subscription for $ 29.99 per year or $ 5.99 per month.)

Apps for Instagram Stories # 11: Patternator to turn any image into a GIF

Don't let the description of the Patternator app on the App Store fool you – it's more than just a wallpaper maker!

By pulling out key elements like a logo, emoji, or branding sticker from your photos, you can create fun GIF-style images that will instantly grab the attention of your Instagram Stories viewers.

Apps for Instagram Stories: Patternator

Mel Brittner, later social media strategist, uses Patternator to create fun backgrounds for our Instagram Stories posts:

Apps for Instagram Stories: Patternator

Free download: iOS

Apps for Instagram Stories # 12: Tezza app for Instagram cool edits and templates

Influencer Tezza has amassed a cool +800,000 followers on Instagram, and that was no coincidence.

The queen of the Instagram aesthetic has built her following thanks to her trendy creative content on Instagram. So it's no surprise that she Namesake app has also built a huge and loyal fan base!

When it comes to presets, the Tezza app has some of the best, and a range of simplified editing tools make it easy to bring your Instagram Stories posts to life.

The only downside is that users are limited to the 11 color options available in the app, which can be a challenge for businesses with a branded color palette. That being said, there are over 20 templates to choose from – and some don't require any color at all!

Download: iOS and Android for $ 19.99 per year or $ 1.99 per month for photo editing. $ 39.99 per year or $ 3.99 per month for photo and video editing

Apps for Instagram Stories # 13: CutStory for Video Content Reuse

Do you have video footage in your camera roll that could use some love before sharing on Instagram Stories?

CutStory could help you! With a super simple layout and navigation, you can edit your video footage in no time at all.

As the name suggests, you can easily crop any video file to Instagram's 15 second frames. But you can go even further by adding text, stickers, a collage, or even music before saving it to your camera roll and sending it to your followers.

Apps for Instagram Stories: CutStory

Free download: iOS (for in-app purchases, to activate some functions).

Apps for Instagram Stories # 14: A Design Kit to Add Colorful Stickers, Text, and Brush Strokes to Your Pictures

Developed by the makers of A nice mess and A color story, A design kit is a fun way to breathe life into your pictures.

The app includes stickers, backgrounds and realistic brushes that you can use to draw textures or colors directly on your photos:

Apps for Instagram Stories: A Design Kit

A design kit is a great app for creating unique, eye-catching stories with loads of personality that your followers will love to keep coming back with!

If you're looking for inspiration, you can follow suit too #ADesignKit to review designs from other users in the community.

Free download:: iOS

@ later.comSome of our favorite Instagram editing apps! ✨📲 ## thatswhatilike ## instagram ## edit ## fyp ## picsart ♬ Lose control – Meduza & Becky Hill & Goodboys

Apps for Instagram Stories # 15: VSCO steps out of the classic Instagram filters

VSCO has been the fan favorite photo editing app for a while, but did you know you can too? Edit your video content also in the app?

The lesser-known feature lets you add any of your favorite VSCO filters to your video content for a consistent aesthetic no matter what you're posting.

You can also make various settings such as contrast, brightness, temperature, etc. in the video editor.

Video editing in VSCO is an exclusive tool included with the VSCO paid membership. However, these can be worth investing in if you want to improve your video content.

Download: iOS & Android

Instagram Stories Apps # 16: Life Lapse For Creating Stop Motion Stories

If you want to improve your Instagram Stories content this year, be sure to check it out Life lapse. The app makes it easy Create high quality stop motion videos right from your mobile device, and the handy tutorial walks you through every step of the process.

According to Life lapseLets you create stop-motion video 10 times faster than cameras, computers, and pro-editing software valued at over $ 15,000. All you need to create stop motion video is your camera, good lighting, and a tripod!

But Life Lapse is more than just a stop-motion creator. The app also includes tons of editing tools, including various speeds, filters, and music supplies, as well as an interval timer that lets you get the timing of your video just right.

Life Lapse is a great app for creating unique, eye-catching content that will give your Instagram stories a high-production look (without the high cost).

Free download: iOS and Android.

Apps for Instagram Stories # 17: Magisto for creating eye-catching content with the Smart Video Editor

Get your audience noticed on Instagram by turning your photos and footage into eye-catching videos with Magisto's powerful filmmaker.

With more than 100 million usersThis easy-to-use Instagram Stories app is packed with powerful editing styles and templates that will help you create high quality story content in no time:

Little video content? This Instagram Stories app contains premium stock footage from iStock for you to use.

Magisto's Smart Video Maker even lets you create a slideshow or video collage that feels like a real video using just photos.

Download: iOS & Android

Check out our post, 17 of the Best Mobile Video Editing Apps in 2021, for a full list of the best video editing apps for creating great video content on Instagram!

Instagram Stories Apps # 18: Clipomatic for Adding Captions to Your Instagram Stories

Did you know that? 40% of Instagram Stories videos are seen without sound? A great way to get your audience's attention when you mute it is to add text captions to your posts.

It also makes your video content more inclusive, so nobody misses your posts.

That sounds pretty time-consuming, but luckily there is an app that makes it super easy!

Clipomatic's intelligent video editor turns everything you say into live subtitles. This means you don't have to type everything in – the app does all the work for you.

All you have to do is hit the magic record button, speak clearly, and your words will appear as stylish subtitles right on your recording. You can also enhance your videos with their artistic filters to really excite your viewers.

Free download:: iOS

There are so many different Instagram story photo and video editing apps out there that you can be creative!

It's not just about regularly posting stories on Instagram. A strong strategy should include fun, creative ways to engage with your audience.

If you're interested in learning how to grow your business with Instagram Stories, watch our free 45-minute video course to develop a strategy for your stories:

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