It's the season for holiday campaigns and preparation for 2021. We have seen many new changes and adjustments for brands and retailers in the digital arena this year, from roadside pickup and BOPIS (buy online pickup in store) to improved delivery services. Fortunately, social media platforms are still releasing new updates so companies can keep navigating this time around. From Twitter's new carousel ad option to Instagram's keyword search capabilities, to shopping on WhatsApp, here are the top December social media updates. Happy Holidays!

Social media updates


Instagram adds shopping tags to roles

If you, the creator, want to generate another stream of income, you can now add roles to the list. Organizations and creators can now tag products when creating roles so that creators can add lists of products to their clips.

The new feature will also allow developers to add branded content tags for Reels and Instagram Live to increase transparency on the platform. With new tags, developers can formulate more offers with brands and earn money directly with their role content.

Instagram adds keyword search

Great news for all social media managers and search enthusiasts: Instagram now allows users to search for specific keywords. Previously, searching for a keyword on Instagram led to results under the channels user names, locations and hashtags. Now you can tap on certain search terms and Instagram will fill the posts with exactly those words instead of just finding posts via hashtags. That way, you can include some of your keywords in the label itself to maximize your visibility and Instagram performance.

Instagram social media updates in December

However, not every word can be searched. According to Instagram, keyword searches will be "limited to topics of general interest and keywords that adhere to Instagram's community guidelines." As a result, some niche keywords and topics may not be searchable for now. Instagram also rates its keyword search results based on the following factors: type of content, subtitles, time of posting, and more. The social media platform also highlights the most relevant matches for each user based on the algorithm.


WhatsApp adds "carts" to its shopping experience

WhatsApp is no longer a stranger to e-commerce with its current business functions. Now the messaging platform will continue to make it easier for users to purchase items with their latest addition: carts. This feature allows WhatsApp users to add items while engaging with a business and then place a larger order at the same time through the app.

WhatsApp social media updates in December

As WhatsApp explains, “Shopping carts allow users to browse a catalog, select multiple products, and send the order to the company as one message.” Shopping carts make it easy for companies to track order inquiries, manage customer inquiries and complete sales.


Facebook adds "Disappearance Mode" in Instagram and Messenger

According to Facebook, some things are just not meant to last. Instagram and Facebook's Messenger have now enabled disappearing messages on their platform that will disappear after being seen by the recipient or when the sender leaves the chat.

With the disappearance of obnoxious messages and the rise in online bullying in general, questions about the security of this feature have been raised. However, security is still an important measure here. When someone takes a screenshot in Vanish mode, both users will be notified with a message on the thread. Facebook also supports blocking and reporting in Vanish mode so that Facebook can review the conversation and take action.

To enable Vanish mode, users can swipe up in chat, then swipe up again to disable it. As part of this update, Instagram also received many Messenger-inspired additions – like the ability to change the chat color or respond with any emoji. The addition of Disappearance Mode gives Facebook a competitive edge over Snapchat, which defaults to message disappearing.


New option for carousel ad format

The latest option for Twitter's ad format can be found here: Carousels. Now marketers can add up to six pictures or videos to an ad.

Carousel ads are here! 📢

Get all the details:

– Twitter Business (@TwitterBusiness) November 11, 2020

Carousel ads have been very successful on other social platforms. Sprout Social reported that carousel ads on Facebook and Instagram generate 10 times more web traffic for businesses than single image ads. Another Facebook study reports that carousel ads achieve a 72% higher click-through rate than individual images.

When testing the version of Carousel Ads, Twitter said that app carousel ads increased installs per impression by an average of 24% compared to single-asset formats, while website carousel ads increased average click-through rate (CTR) by about 15% increased their exam of the carousel format. "

Carousels are now available worldwide. Marketers can create these ads in their ad manager or through the API.

Brief review (social media updates):

  • Instagram: Instagram adds shopping tags to roles, keyword searches to profiles and tags
  • Whatsapp: WhatsApp adds "carts" to its shopping experience
  • Facebook: Facebook adds "Disappearance Mode" in Instagram and Messenger
  • Twitter: New option for carousel ad format

Tune in for another round of social media updates next month!

If you're looking to improve your social media results or have any questions about the latest platform updates, we're happy to chat!


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