YouTube released a slew of new discoveries with information on the most popular video topics since the pandemic began.

From sourdough to self-care, trending topics show that people have turned to YouTube for skills and wellbeing.

The YouTube report contains a lot of visuals as well as insights into the popularity of each search term.

Here is a brief overview of the key findings from the report.

Help with home cooking

When widespread bans began in March, the world turned to YouTube for help cooking their favorite meal at home.

The main item on everyone's list, believe it or not, Sour Dough Bread.

Top YouTube Searches During the COVID-19 Pandemic

“But by the end of March one could rightly claim that a large part of the world was simultaneously fixated on achieving a leaven starter of superlatives. And the proof of that was on YouTube. "

YouTube notes that it is highly unusual for countries around the world to search for similar topics at the same time.

However, the global search for cooking guides has increased since a national emergency was declared in March.

Top YouTube Searches During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Consolation in self-care

People turned to YouTube to help deal with the fears and uncertainties of the global pandemic.

The search for videos about food, exercise, relaxation and sleep has been active since March.

“The expression“ self-care ”makes some people think of pampering bubble baths with candlelight. But it really speaks in favor of maintaining our most basic biological and emotional needs. "

YouTube specifically highlights the popularity of the following topics:

Yoga (Daily views doubled since March)
Guided Meditation (Daily views up 40% since March)
Home training (Daily views up to 4X since March)
Nature sounds
Restaurant style


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Social connection … remotely

YouTube data shows that people need to stay connected at a time when social distancing is strongly encouraged.

"YouTube viewers used videos to interact directly and indirectly with each other, sometimes in nuanced ways: even if they just participate in a rising trend in coffee making, someone can feel more connected to other people."

The following video topics have increased significantly since March:

  • 'With Me' (views of #With me Videos are up 600%)
  • Museum tours (day view by 60%)
  • Face masks (DIY tutorials viewed 400 million times)
  • Dalgona Coffee (A trendy quarantine treat with a brief viral moment)

Top YouTube Searches During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Identity crisis

The idea and experience of oneself was paramount when the pandemic disrupted the lives of people around the world.


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"Video proved to be a unique way for people to express who they were and who they could become – through learning a new skill, for example."

The following video themes have become increasingly popular since March:

  • Gardening
  • How to cut hair
  • Church services
  • Video call beauty tips

Top YouTube Searches During the COVID-19 Pandemic

"Amazing Uniformity"

According to YouTube, the consistency of these content trends around the world is "amazing".

What we can get from this is that people currently share three main needs when it comes to content:


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  • Experience a sense of connectedness
  • Feel the best you can
  • Project a strong sense of self

Source: YouTube Culture & Trends

For more YouTube search data with information on all the common terms from the past year, see the following article:


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