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Protecting and serving the American public is not an easy task and can be dangerous.

As former President Barack Obama once said:

"(W) We tell the police:" You are social workers. you are the parent; you are the teacher; You are the drug advisor. “We urge them to keep these neighborhoods in check at all costs without causing political setbacks or inconvenience. Make no mistake that could disturb our own peace of mind. "

How much does the police earn to keep the peace?

Below are the average annual and hourly wages of police officers and sheriff officials in all 50 states and the number of these jobs in each state. States are ranked from lowest to highest according to their average annual wages.

The information comes from the latest professional salary data released by the United States Department of Labor Statistics for 2019.

We also used data on the cost of living from the Missouri Economic Research and Information Center, crime data from the Federal Bureau of Investigations and WalletHubs 2020 ranking of the best and worst states to be one of the country's 800,000 police officers.


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