How much do Bing Ads cost?

Once you are here, you need to wonder how much do Bing ads cost.

You can focus on Bing and other search engines instead of just Google ads.

According to Statista, Bing has 1.03 billion monthly visitors worldwide. Additionally, 38 percent of Bing users had an annual income of $ 100,000 or more.

Not only is the search engine installed on billions of devices, but the platform appeals to a significant number of high-income individuals.

In this article, we're going to tell you everything you need to know about Bing ads.

Factors that affect the cost of Bing Ads

Microsoft Advertising offers pay-per-click (PPC) ads for Bing. How much do Bing ads cost?

It depends on. Advertisers only pay when a potential lead clicks on their ad.

Because of this, you need to evaluate your budget based on cost-per-click (CPC) and number of clicks.

For example, let's say you want a PPC ad to get 100 clicks per day. Each click has a maximum CPC of $ 0.50. To find your possible daily cost, multiply $ 0.50 by $ 100- $ 50 per day.

If you want to change your budget, make the necessary adjustments on the Microsoft Advertising platform.

There are two types of budget in the Bing ad platform:

  • Every day: Targeted daily limit on PPC ad spend (the actual amount may be slightly higher or lower).
  • Divided: This allows you to set up multiple campaigns with a common budget.

Using Microsoft Daily Budget Types, you can estimate the amount you can spend per month on advertising using the following formula:

Monthly budget = daily budget x days in the month

If you're changing your daily ad spend, use this formula to find the monthly cost:

Monthly budget = amount spent so far + (daily budget x remaining days)

Although the PPC spend could exceed the estimated monthly limit, Microsoft Advertising will reimburse the additional costs at the end of the month.

Types of Bing Ads

Now that we've looked at the cost of Bing ads, let's take a look at the different types of Bing ads you can create.

Expanded text ads

This type of ad is usually found in search results. The title allows three headings with up to 30 characters each and text with up to two descriptions with up to 90 characters each.

This is how it looks:

Extended text example - helps you understand

Dynamic search ads

These will be shown in relevant searches about your website. There's no need to manage bids, manage keyword lists, or adjust headlines.

How much do Bing ads cost? Dynamic search ads example

Product ads

Product ads contain product images, prices, advertising copy, and seller information.

How much do Bing ads cost? Example product display

Microsoft audience ads

These ads allow businesses to collect non-contextual traffic through contextual and strategic placements. They can be placed in an article or page content to give brands additional ways to communicate with visitors.

How much do Bing ads cost? Ads for Microsoft audiences should be considered when budgeting

Microsoft advertising in Bing Smart Search

The Smart Search results show a preview of your landing page.

How much do Bing ads cost? Calculate your Smart Search costs when using this type of ad

Install App Ads

These look like normal text ads but have direct links to your app store and take you to a post from where you can download the advertised app.

Responsive search ads

These ads make it unnecessary to identify ideal headlines and ad descriptions. All you need to do is list 15 headings and four descriptions. Microsoft Advertising then determines the best combinations.

Part of the answer to your question

Bid strategy

Microsoft Advertising offers a variety of bid strategies to ensure your money is well spent based on clicks, conversions, and searches.

Consider the following ways this platform can manage your bids:

  • Improved CPC: This is the standard way to manage bids in your campaigns. First, choose your ad group and your keyword bids. Microsoft Advertising then changes the bids in real time to potentially increase conversions.
  • Maximize Clicks: This will help you get the greatest possible clicks based on your stated budget.
  • Maximize conversions: This allows Bing to set bids and get as many conversions as possible based on its budget. You can set a maximum CPC so that you don't have to pay more than a certain amount for a click.
  • Target cost per acquisition (CPA): You can set a 30-day target CPA and Microsoft Advertising will automate bids. This strategy optimizes keyword bids based on ad schedule, device, and location.
  • Target Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS): You can use this metric to set a budget with a target average ROAS of 30 days. Once that's set, Microsoft Advertising will allow users to bid in real time to hit that average.
  • Manual CPC: Manual CPC is a great way to manage your keyword bids and ad groups.

Bing Ad Metrics

Once you've set up a campaign, you'll find various performance metrics based on your keywords.

Here are the top performance metrics in Microsoft Advertising:

  • Estimated monthly clicks: How many times per month are users expected to click your ads based on your budget, targeting, and keywords
  • Estimated monthly impressions: The number of times people should see your ads in a month based on your budget, targeting, and keywords
  • Estimated monthly expenses: Estimated ad group cost per month
  • Estimated average position: Placement of the ad in search results, e.g. B. top, side or bottom

There are also other common metrics you can use to measure an ad's performance and ROI.

  • Impressions: The number of times your PPC ads were shown on the Bing SERPs
  • Conversions: Number of clicks on PPC campaign ads
  • Exchange rate: The percentage of visitors who clicked on your website while viewing the ad
  • Cost per Action (CPA): Average conversion costs for your PPC campaign ad
  • Average CPC: Total for all clicks divided by the total number of clicks
  • Total ad spend: Total amount for all clicks
  • Return on Ad Spend: Total PPC ad revenue divided by the total amount spent on that channel
  • Average position: the average position of the PPC ad on the Bing SERPs
  • CTR: average click through rate on your PPC ads
  • revenue Total revenue from conversions

Bing Ads costs per industry

Bing may not be as popular as Google, but it still often has good results.

Users can see higher click rates and conversion rates at lower CPCs and CPAs.

A WordStream study suggests that the average click-through rate for Bing across all industries is 2.83 percent. B2B services have an even higher click rate of 3.01 percent. Hence, it is worth investigating whether this is your type of business.

How Much Do Bing Ads Cost - Average CTR?

Then there is CPC. Bing's average cost per click is 1.54 to 33 percent lower than Google Ads.

How much do Bing ads cost - average cost per click?

Of course, you want to get people to convert. Bing's conversion rate averages 2.94 percent. In various industries, the conversion rates are between 1.58 and 6.81 percent.

How Much Do Bing Ads Cost - Average Conversion Rate?

Bing's cross-industry average CPA is $ 41.44.

Small businesses on a tight budget can be pleased to learn that the average CPA is 30 percent below the average for AdWords customers. Industries with a low CPA include Home Services ($ 21.68), Careers and Employment ($ 23.71), and Apparel and Accessories ($ 25.16).

How much do Bing ads cost - average cost per action?

These numbers prove that Bing is an ideal platform for serving PPC ads. Marketers can expect better performance and better results by using Bing for their paid search campaigns.

What is affecting Bing ad spend?

What do Bing ads cost? How much money should you spend on PPC campaigns? There are a few variables that can affect your budget.

Here are some of the factors to consider.

Account size

Account size is determined by the number of ad groups, keywords, and campaigns in your account. Large companies with multiple PPC campaigns need bigger budgets to run multiple ads.

Geographical area

Location is another crucial factor that will affect your PPC budget. Locations with larger populations may require higher CPCs, which means bigger budgets.


As mentioned earlier, a niche or industry can have an impact on your cost per click.

According to a WordStream study, the lowest CPCs for Bing include Careers and Employment ($ 0.75) and Apparel and Accessories ($ 0.91). In other industries like real estate ($ 2.88), education ($ 2.79), and automotive ($ 2.52) the cost is higher. Additionally, you may have to pay more to find competitive keywords.

On average, the CPC on Bing is slightly lower than on Google AdWords. However, it is better to understand the average CPCs in your industry so that you can plan accordingly.

Duration and Holidays

Since Bing advertising has a daily budget, longer campaigns mean higher costs. Fortunately, you can change the maximum amount you can spend each day so you don't over-spend.

When planning the duration of your campaign, keep the holidays in mind as they can affect the cost of the campaign. For example, the fourth quarter of the year has a lot of holidays, so it may not be the ideal time for B2Bs to spend extra money on ads.

To maximize your ad spend, consider the ideal times for clicks and conversions from your previous PPC campaigns. Scheduling your campaigns at the best time can ensure that your money is well spent.

Audience size

Your audience size affects your campaign budget. A large audience could result in hundreds of clicks. However, if the clickers aren't your ideal buyers, the money is wasted. Use data from your clicks to determine if you need to change your tactics.


How much do Bing Ads cost? As you now know, it all depends on what types of ads you're using, how long you've been running your campaign, and how well your CPC is doing on your PPC ads.

While Bing is a lesser-known search engine, it can also help you improve your PPC campaigns.

If you plan ahead and keep an eye on your data, you can enjoy clicks and conversions at lower prices than other search engines.

If setting up your ad campaigns on Bing sounds daunting, we can help!

What success have you had in advertising on Bing?

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