We've all heard that YouTube is actually one of the top performing marketing channels and actually the second largest search engine.

In my experience, however, the vast majority of companies and publications shy away from making the most of the platform.

Are you one of those business owners or marketers who wish they could do more with YouTube?

Then read on!

The feasible approach to YouTube content marketing

One of the main reasons businesses fail on YouTube is because it's incredibly intimidating.

We've all heard how you can make millions on YouTube, but we also know that building a YouTube channel is a full-time job.

Few companies can afford this investment.

Instead of trying to invade YouTube's mysterious algorithms, I suggest another, more workable approach: build your YouTube views and engagement through Google Search.

Google offers incredible visibility for videos, especially YouTube videos. According to MozCast, almost ⅓ of Google search results pages contain video. In fact, there are more SERPs with videos than those with images and shopping results:


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