2. Prioritization

Now we might be biased, but we think this part is where BuzzSumo is Really comes into play.

Google Alerts are free, and there's no denying that this is a huge catch for them.

However, if Google Alerts is the Forever 21 of the PR surveillance world, BuzzSumo is the styling service StitchFix.

If this weak analogy isn't clear enough, Google Alerts is like a DIY warning that will get you large amounts of data but not much help with prioritization or next steps.

BuzzSumo, with its entire suite of powerful marketing tools, comes into its own in providing context and next steps.

And this is arguably the most important thing when it comes to developing an ROI-driven PR monitoring strategy.

Prioritizing PR monitoring through social engagement:

BuzzSumo Alerts: ✅
Google Alerts: ❌

BuzzSumo's powerful tool suite is based on social engagement. When you invest in BuzzSumo Alerts, you get access to that too world's largest index for social engagement data – as well as a range of other extremely robust tools including trending, content analyzer, backlinks, top authors and influencers.

Knowing where to start your mentions is half the battle, and engagement data gives you that knowledge.

While Google Alerts doesn't offer this additional level of insight, it does provide some prioritization with the option to show "best results only".


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