How do I generate an app store QR code? Increase your app downloads and more!

How do I generate an app store QR code? Increase your app downloads and more!

The App Store QR code is the new standard in every app
Marketing campaign this 2020!

Did you know that 70% of American users are already upset and tired of popups?
Promote apps with a duration of 20 to 30 seconds? Which means this type of app
Marketing just doesn't work!

With that said a change in the marketing approach
is needed.
But how can marketers advertise their apps without using
Pop-up prompts for websites and applications that offer in-app ads? (that just ends
App annoying users!)

The problem that is with customers and marketers can
be solved with the use of App Store QR codes, and here are 5 easy steps on
How to generate an app QR code.

How to generate an App Store QR code

1. Open an online app store QR code generator

2. Select the App Store icon in the menu and fill it out
Required fields.

3. Generate and adapt your app QR code

4. Download and test your QR code

5. Distribute your app QR code

What is an app store QR code?

An app QR code is a dynamic "quick reaction".
Code that can be used to store the URL of an application in different app stores
and redirects users as they scan so they can download a specific app.
Users are redirected depending on the operating system of their device.

The QR code knows directly what type of device you have
use when scanning. In this way, the information is embedded in the app QR code
automatically prompts to download from the Google Play Store for Android or
App store for IOS.

Because the QR code of app stores is dynamic, this is the case
The QR code enables developers and marketers to access important information such as
such as the number of scans performed, the location of the scans performed, the device type
Used when scanning and the amount of time that the number of scans is high.

In this way, developers get a reference
Which operating system do you focus on when updating and how long will it be added?
additional features such as in-app giveaways and puzzle hunts.

Why is the app store QR code important in the app?

The main reason why there are different app stores is
that technology giants like Google and Apple have a different operating system
Products where the Google Play Store only works on devices with Android OS and
The App Store only works on devices with IOS such as iPhones and IPads.

Therefore, it doubles the headache that app developers have
Experience as they have to develop and optimize their apps in these two big ones
Operating systems.

This is where the QR code from app stores comes into play

How to generate an App Store QR code

Here is the explained version for generating an app
QR code in 5 easy steps.

1. Open an online app store like QR code generator

The first step in generating an app QR code is finding it
and opening a trusted and best app store QR code generator like QRTiger. By
Carefully consider the guidelines when choosing the best QR code for the App Store
Generator when generating your app QR code, you are sure of your QR code
The journey begins on a safe path.

2. Select the App Stores icon in the menu and fill it out
Required fields.

After opening an app QR code generator, click
App Store field in the menu and enter the required data.

3. Generate and adapt your app QR code

Generate and adapt your QR code for app stores
Selection of a range of patterns, eyes and colors; Add the app logo and a tag
can draw the user's attention.

4. Download and test your QR code

Download the QR code of your app in PNG or print format
SVG; and test whether it also works on printing surfaces. Testing a QR code is a
An important step in generation as it reduces the risk of guiding users to you
Error page.

5. Distribute your app QR code.

Finally, distribute your app QR code by printing and
Attachments to your marketing materials such as magazines, brochures, manuals,
Products, flyers, websites, social media pages, etc.

You should be careful when printing your app QR codes
Follow the printing guidelines as scanning is an important step in downloading and
Access to the app.

Advantages of an app store QR code

1. Automatically leads to the device's standard app

As app developers, they are pushing to market their software
Problems such as marketing and software mismatch occur in various app stores
occur. Instead of marketing an app for Android, the app is used in marketing
for IOS. App store QR codes can help marketers and app developers. "
Problems. For the App Store, QR codes have a function that controls the function automatically
App download prompt for the type of smartphone being used for scanning. In this way, the
The frustration with marketing apps is minimized.

2. Providing data tracking for future research references

Collecting data is important for technology and software
Company as it provides future research references for new technology release
to the public. The function that App Store QR codes offer is substantial and
reliable. Statistical support for relevant components can thus be provided as
App Store QR codes are dynamic QR codes.

3. Create cross-platform marketing.

Using QR codes in the App Store, marketers can market their apps
in printed and digital platforms. The creation of multi-platform marketing is
QR codes implemented as app stores can be printed or inserted digitally

4. Provide app optimization for smartphone users

Use QR codes in the App Store to give users an easier user experience
can optimize the app for mobile users, the time of loading and downloading works

5.Create a groundbreaking environment in your app

As usual, app marketing takes 20 to 30 seconds
In-app pop-up ads and App Store QR codes can shorten the time it takes to advertise an app
Users only need 10 seconds to see your app, and they can too
Screenshot for later downloads. This way, App Store QR codes can create one
groundbreaking environment in app marketing.

Using the app stores QR codes

Business and marketing

Companies are slowly migrating from traditional to
Online programs, the use of apps such as Google Docs, spreadsheets and slides
are useful for tracking and navigating your business transactions.

In marketing, the use of QR codes is adopted and somehow
a greater impact on customers. But how the industry correlates
with the modernization the need to apply better solutions in marketing and
Operations is increasing.

With the use of app stores QR codes, technology and software
Companies can integrate their software and application marketing campaigns. in the
In this way, the use of app QR codes reduces the time required to advertise a demo of
their software and application.

Thus, the irritation that a user experiences while using one
The application diminishes and creates a new gateway for marketing the product.

Advertise entertainment apps

Entertaining apps like social media apps, video
Streaming and gaming apps are crucial to keep people entertained while playing
your freetime.

Because of the quarantine in the community, people find ways to do so
Keep yourself happy and active while locked up in their homes. The way they are
When pop-up ads play their favorite games, the trouble gets bigger
much more than the experience they get in their game.

Because of this problem, app reviews and the chance of
Recommend this to other users lower. You can use app QR codes for advertising
or launch game and video streaming apps.

Advertise shopping apps

Because online shopping is becoming a mainstream program in the new
normal company, shopping apps like Amazon Shopping, Wish, Walmart, etc .; are
Look for new ways to increase downloads and customers
Cash registers.

You can shop with the introduction of the QR code in the App Store
Companies can attract more customers without having to instruct them
Find their app names in the Google Play / App Store.

This way you can advance the automatic prompt from
Download without having to navigate through the Google Play / App Store
Interface. You can also use QR codes to attach your product link and
Relief for the customer when searching for the navigation of the shop.


Learning and learning apps have not been given before
Importance in society. But when the pandemic hit early 2020, those apps were
become a phenomenal success as blended learning tools were needed to continue

With the use of app QR codes, educators and students can
Simply pass on the apps you need in class without having to search through them
App in the app store. Also with its automated AI identification to the operating system of the
Device, so the scan, open, and download prompt works. In this
Way, the burden of choosing and choosing the right app for learning
Process is slowing down.


Because in-app popup ads bother users while they are
If you work with it, alternative solutions like App Store QR codes can be one
Alternative in app marketing. By depicting more mysterious and unconventional
Marketing strategies can arouse the user's curiosity about the ad
In addition, if you are an aspiring app developer and want to start your app store
QR code marketing journey with the best QR code generator online!


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