Well? Bad? Somewhere inbetween? Receiving blogging feedback simply indicates that someone is sharing their thoughts about your blog, your skills, and your business. How you feel after receiving feedback shows what you believe about the feedback. If you feel bad about feedback, believe that the feedback is partially or completely true. Imagine someone saying how your topic looks really bad. If you feel bad about feedback like this, you believe that your topic looks partially or completely bad.

What step do you take next? Watch for the fears that fuel your bad feelings. Every bad feeling is fear, manifest. Perhaps you feel bad about your subject because you fear that it will make you look unprofessional. Or maybe you're concerned that your topic looks cheap and reflects a cheap, less-than-good mood of you and your blog. I hated how my old blog topic looked pretty much. Someone I trusted came up and told me my subject looked shitty. I felt bad. I even felt defensive and angry at the blogger for telling me my topic looked bad. But after sitting with my bad feelings, I watched how I believed the child and agreed with him. Thank god I got honest with myself. The child offered to design a theme for me. I accepted his offer. He designed a masterpiece. I felt clear, also known to be good at my subject. The increased success found me on my old blog because I agreed with a blogger who seemed to hurt my feelings but like every appearance was an illusion.

He just revealed my true feelings to me through his feedback. Good thing he did; It accelerated my blogging success. But not everyone sees the feedback the same way. Some hit critics. Others fight against critics. Some bloggers feel so bad that they actually turn to loving, caring bloggers who will provide kind, tactful, warm and genuine feedback from the highest vibes possible and make a gentle suggestion in their own way. First, face your fears by feeling the bad nature of feelings that are triggered after receiving feedback. Then, review what you think is true and decide to take action from there. Sometimes you ignore feedback completely because it played the role of discovering a fear that must be gone in order for you to have greater success. Sometimes you follow the feedback because it gives you more clarity and freedom. Everything is up to you. Everything is in your intuition. Everything flows out of you because you have all the answers in your heart.

However, being honest is the key step to actually stepping through fear and honoring feedback that needs to be honored for your growth. Does it feel good to be right with yourself? Hell no, at first. But then yes. Getting rid of the fear of seeing life clearly annoys the ego, but it also gets you on the successful blogging path.

I've even written an entire e-book about engaging, feeling, and processing blogging criticism to help you increase your blogging profits. Buy the eBook here:

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Guys; sit with feelings that are triggered after being criticized. Embrace feelings that arise after receiving blogging feedback. Eventually everything balances out, like a calm, silent pond. No matter what people think, say, or do in response to your blog, you and your blog see you and your blog in the light of truth. Either calmly follow helpful feedback or ignore hateful criticism, where hatred is the projections of a confused, crazy mind.

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