June 4, 2020


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From the creation of the Huffington Post to writing 15 books to being named one of the most powerful women in the world by Forbes and ranking among the 100 most influential people in Time Magazine. Arianna HuffingtonThere is no shortage of careers. Most recently she founded Thrive globally Four years ago and last January, her team led Thriving Wallet, a new partnership between Thrive and Discover, to redefine the discussion about financial health and help people reorganize their relationship with money by building simple, healthy habits .

While #SMWONE, Joined Huffington Discovers Julie Loeger, and Gray’S John Patroulis To get deeper into the company and why it is more important than ever to focus on financial wellbeing in addition to physical, mental and emotional health.

Here are the key findings and insights:

  • Knowledge is power
  • Gratitude is an amazing antidote to stress
  • Building resilience is the key to a prosperous post-pandemic world

The stress and burnout epidemic

The global pandemic has uncovered fundamental weaknesses in our society, and according to Huffington, one of the largest is a world in which we are breathless and always up to date and fail to understand the important truth that financial wellbeing directly affects our mental and physical health.

This is not a new concept, but a concept that has been proliferating for years, including an increase in chronic illnesses such as diabetes and high blood pressure, mental health problems such as depression and anxiety, and stress and burnout, which the World Health Organization recently identified as a workplace crisis. In a time of profound losses, the mental crisis with which we are already facing is exacerbated two-thirds The average American claim that they have felt anxious, depressed, lonely, or helpless in the past few weeks, and more than half of respondents report that pandemic stress has a negative impact on sleep, nutrition, alcohol consumption and chronic illnesses.

The effects of Thrive Wallet

Ninety percent of individuals claim that financial considerations affect their stress levels. Furthermore, 25 percent I wish they could have a fresh start on their finances, even though they say they're not sure where to start. Enter the solution that Loeger and Huffington developed in Las Vegas in Vegas a year and a half ago: Flourishing wallet.

Videos, editorial, and social content enable Thrive Wallet to provide expert advice, hear inspiring personal stories, and gain data-driven insights into developing healthier financial habits using Thrives' Microsteps signature and Discover's tools, resources, and products. Regardless of whether you understand the basis of your creditworthiness, your financial basis, tips on building credit or saving for your next experience, Thriving Wallet's main goal is to accelerate positive behavior changes and reduce stress with simple micro-steps.


"There is no better way to build customer loyalty than to add value to your life," said Huffington. "Knowledge is power, and it is really important that people understand the link between general stress and our spending." The best way to do this? Take the discouraging element out of financial advice and allow consumers to develop habits that help them play that muscle through meaningful content that is distributed in a useful way, that serves consumer needs and puts action on the table, that people in a can use Great way.

For example, if you set aside $ 10 a week to save on something that matters to you, this small step will help you practice mindful, value-based spending. Another appointment is to schedule a regular conversation with a friend. For many, getting their money worries out of the shadows is a major obstacle. Finally, carry out a simple test. If you have credit, log the account balance in a tracker to create a sense of ownership of the situation.

To deal with stress

Huffington raised best practices for dealing with stress and repeated awareness as a form of power.

In her first tip, she emphasized the need for rest. "Sleep is fundamental and yet sleep is very difficult to get at the moment." In such uncertain times, it can be difficult to feel relaxed at night. To help with this, she suggested turning off the phone and charging away from bed to avoid the temptation to scroll at all hours of the night. She also highlighted the advantage of expressing gratitude regularly. "Even in the worst of circumstances, there is always something you are thankful for – gratitude is an amazing antidote to stress."

As simple as it sounds, breathing is another key stress reliever. "I love reading about marine seals. When dealing with stressful circumstances, they use box breathing, an exercise in which you inhale four times, pause four times, and exhale four times."

The big advantage: In order to prepare for a world after the pandemic, it is crucial for the build-up of mental resilience to take control of our stress. This resilience will allow us to bring our best, most focused, and most productive self to the top of the challenges of a world that is very different from what we once knew.

As a last piece of advice, Loeger said: "Use curiosity continuously – try to understand, but don't stop here. Push it to action", while Huffington encouraged everyone "not only to survive but also to thrive".

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