How business services develop into a part of the platform concept

How business services develop into a part of the platform concept

A technology platform is an environment for building and running applications, systems, and processes. These can be seen as tool sets for the development and operation of custom and bespoke services. Technology platforms have exploded in the digital scene over the past decade. Google search, Facebook, Amazon Web Services, Amazon Marketplace, Android, Uber, AirBnB, Waze, WeWork, Twilio and even Bitcoin are platforms.

Flocksy is a platform for creating digital marketing components. They offer services in the areas of web development, graphic design, text creation and video production. Flocksy is a professionally managed flat rate platform for creative services and content that focuses on long-term relationships with customers, designers and partners. They make it easier and more efficient to connect with a team of creatives who do all of their work.

They are affordable, simple, efficient and fast. Flocksy uses only US-based project managers who understand the needs of both customers and on-demand teams. Your team is fully reviewed and tested to ensure that your customers get great results for the projects they want. Flocksy was founded in 2016 by Sam, George and Charles Ryan as the first platform of its kind to offer the breadth of services and the consistency of the teams.

Flocksy works for small and medium-sized businesses where marketing work needs to be done quickly and professionally at affordable costs. They help their clients with all of their marketing projects at a fraction of the price they would pay an in-house team. Your service replaces the typical full-time designer, video editor, developer or author, and more.

They are always trying to reach more customers and expand their services to offer more, such as: B. SEO and posting on Facebook and Instagram. At least three more services will be available by the end of the year. In a year you will have more services, faster turnaround times and an even smoother process. In five years they will be THE place where you can connect with a team of experts at a flat rate.

Flocksy integrates chat features and a full dashboard, both of which focus on consistent best practices for every project. Your platform reviews and selects only the best creatives from around the world to ensure that the job is done correctly and on time. Flocksy is designed to give customers an entire team to work with, not a person they may or may not connect with.

Companies register and can create unlimited design, video, development and writing projects. Flocksy then forms a fully reviewed team around the customer account based on the projects they have carried out, their style and much more. The team then works on all projects and ensures that brand and style remain consistent. Your professional work is work that we use ourselves.

A dedicated project manager is assigned to each of the accounts. The project manager is based in the United States and oversees the client's team and account. If the customer has questions, team issues, concerns about a project, or more, they can simply contact their project manager for a quick response (usually in less than an hour).

The teams complete projects in an average of 12 hours. Since there is always someone on the team working on the projects, there are few delays and most projects are carried out correctly and consistently the first time. In this way, companies can scale and start any number of projects without bottlenecks.

Customers can complete as many projects as they can complete in a given month. To better concentrate on customer work, projects can be found on our dashboard and completed individually. When you deregister one project, the next begins. The dashboard contains the latest activities in a customer's account, the team, the customer's active projects and statistics on their activities.

Flocksy is very user-friendly. Customers can easily log in and create projects within minutes. You can easily give feedback by commenting and tagging drafts within a project. Once the customer is satisfied with a project, they can simply close it and the team starts the next project in the queue. Wayne Rash, a technology and science journalist at Forbes, recently wrote in an article: “Flocksy is a good example of how business services are becoming part of the platform concept, just as a variety of companies have built personal service platforms. When properly executed, these platforms provide a source of business services that help customers get quality, timely, and affordable work from experienced people. They also offer small companies of the highest quality talent that could not otherwise receive employees of this quality. "


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